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Today, I decided to play with my dog. I sat on the ground and whistled for him to come to me. I smiled when I saw him running at my happily. He sniffed me, turned around, lifted his leg and peed on me. FML
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Maybe roleplaying as a fire hydrant isn't a good idea


Maybe roleplaying as a fire hydrant isn't a good idea

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I can't think of anything worse.

33, he could've killed you and your family and piss on your graves. Then poo. Pretty sure that's worse

He coulda come up to you, gave you a hug, licked your face, and sat down in your lap! Talk about a nightmare.. D:

I don't get what's wrong. When my woman does something wrong I piss on her to make sure she knows she's MY TREE. The dog was just putting you in your place. Piss back so he knows who's boss

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Would his name happen to b r Kelly

You probablly reminded him of a fire hydrant.

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I'm no nazi but it's ran at *me happily

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96 - I'm gonna sound like all my teachers but, are you 59 ?

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Listen, you gotta go.. you gotta go.

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Sounds like he's letting you know that you don't play with him often enough...

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He owns that bitch! OP got herself a pimp. A fuzzy pimp (;

There is no such thing as a non fuzzy pimp. They all wear fuzzy clothing

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He just wanted to show you who's boss. :)

No, dogs hump to show who's more dominant.

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I thought maybe the dog was mad that OP didn't play with him more, and that was the only way the dog could think of to make such a statement.

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Yea it happened to me once... In front of my friends. It wasn't an "awww" moment.

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he was just marking his territory. who's wears the leash in this relationship now? (;

and u just watched while all this happened?