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  Starchild21  |  6

Lol wow this person really had a bunch of blow up dolls??? I blame World of Warcraft. Poor OP had to invent a group of people he knew :P and then fuck them in one big orgy.........kids these days hahaha ___________________________ www.myspace.com/rapid99

  cheeez4u  |  6

You should really pay more attention. The OP put people in quotes, which means he is quoting either the kid or grandmother, most likely the kid. DUH!!

  cocacola999  |  7

Indeed... Who on earth has enough blow-up dolls to decorate the entire house??? I assume OP is young (because if he is 35 years old AND still lives with his parents and blow-up dolls, that's wrong on too many levels), but yet he seems to have too much time and money. And... If OP spends all his time and money on blow-up dolls, why would he need condoms? Wishful thinking or extra-safe sex?

By  moopsy234  |  5

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