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that's my kind of party

Why'd you have a demolition crew in your bedroom?..... Oh.


haha bummer

Male or female, OP?

It says male...

whats with 5 year old kids, theres one in every FML

In America Obama blows YOU up

I think that person meant "a male or female 'people'"...

Lol wow this person really had a bunch of blow up dolls??? I blame World of Warcraft. Poor OP had to invent a group of people he knew :P and then fuck them in one big these days hahaha ___________________________

No, I think it was just one blow up doll... Because it said A blow up people... But It really should've said person... Ewww blow up dolls... ICK!

You should really pay more attention. The OP put people in quotes, which means he is quoting either the kid or grandmother, most likely the kid. DUH!!

Why can't people have dolls? I still even have a doll house!!

#120 I don't think it was that kind of doll...

that's my kind of party

Looks like things "blew" out of proportion

Indeed... Who on earth has enough blow-up dolls to decorate the entire house??? I assume OP is young (because if he is 35 years old AND still lives with his parents and blow-up dolls, that's wrong on too many levels), but yet he seems to have too much time and money. And... If OP spends all his time and money on blow-up dolls, why would he need condoms? Wishful thinking or extra-safe sex?

Quick and easy cleanup?

53-it specifically says *A* blow-up "people". The People shouldn't have been plural, but it's condoms and *a* blow-up doll


Ahaha. Was it a shocked blow up people?

yeah, sounds like you need a new hiding place. hahA

oh man ! lmfao soundss like your grandmas gunna have some fun tonight ;) haha time for a new hiding spot !

Nice that you brought a date.

I hope you had cleaned it up before you put it away. YTTDI

2nd!!!!! an lol and at least u have a way to get cheered up after the party is over!!! and I your grandma that old that h dosent know what a blow up doll is!!!! wow shamè shamè on you for having them and not hiding them will enuf!!!

Bitch please. You were 10th,... annoying.

113- i almost cheered when i read your comment. Thank you for msking my day.

#10 So many errors in that. It makes me want to scream.

The grammar. It hurts.

Please learn proper english and grammar.

oh my god, do you want to just get off your high horse, shut the fuck up and give us all peace?

I have to agree that bothered me too.

It might of been he was trying to phrase it in a confusing way to hide that fact "people" meant that he had a few.

OR, that's what the five year old called the blow-up doll, hence the quotations

English should be capitalized.