By ihncredible - 10/12/2012 23:32 - United States - Macomb

Today, I stepped on the scale and realized that I weigh more than the amount of money that I have in my bank account. FML
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But you live in the States! You don't keep pounds in the bank! The Brits do that. Or do you weigh 250 dollars?

LiterOfCola 16

~Well I hope you are a fat shit OP!~


That's terrifying.

Your picture describes the situation quite well.

Some of us are not very wealthy I'd say this applies to me too

I always weigh more then what I have in my bank account.. Real broke girl over here

It's terrifying that this is basically my everyday life.. and I'm not overweight.

Well if it is 10 cents coins on your account, then yeah you can start worrying...

Steve95401 49

At least the number on your scale is in pounds, rather than kilograms. That would be 2.2 times worse.

Ah, you have a credit card?

WatsonIsThatDood 6

Wow Steve. You are right

maz_irken 6

I have to agree with this, and I weigh 112.

Time to sell yourself

KM96 24

So is your picture 1

I weigh 100 and..well...I find a dollar here and there.

nutcrackers 2

What would i prefer; overweight and more money, or proper weight and less money? Hmm... That's a hard one.

Kn0wledge123 21

I weight about 130 lbs and have -$35 in my account. Nothing major.

you guys all realize that muscle weighs more than fat, right? OP could be very muscular and still weigh almost 300lbs

not really. I only have $50 in the bank..

LiterOfCola 16

~Well I hope you are a fat shit OP!~

Even if OP was a fat shit (say, 350 lbs?), that's not much.

DKParth13 5


LiterOfCola 16

Thank you for being so logical, #15. As I'm too dumb to understand what numbers mean and my comment was not a joke, I assumed OP had at least a couple thousand in their bank account. C'mon I even used the "~" !

Tildes are sarcasm tags now?

LiterOfCola 16

It was on a previous FMLs comments; people said to start establishing a sarcasm font type thing where you enclose the sentence in ~s. I want it to catch on so I've put it in the top comments like three times haha

Tildes; what a cool word.

Feedmyaddiction5 14

350 lbs is a lot unless you are like 6'9"

Someone please like 2's comment, the number 159 bothers me. It's has to be 160

182- there, I made it 158. Trololololo

LiterOfCola 16

Gc I feel betrayed!

sometimes ~yes~

You're either very fat or very poor

oj101 33

I hope the OP has less than $150/ $120 if its a girl. Honestly, $1000 doesn't really go that far these days, but would be unnaturally, and excessively huge for a person.

60 - Really? I was thinking OP has a few thousand.

Well you know what they say: mo' money, mo'' McDonalds!

90 - If only no money no problems was true as well.. Except I do like Mcdonalds.

Well I weigh 115 lbs, that's still more than my bank account D: But I'm a college student, so being poor is expected! :D

chrissy2 28

same here 118. I'm a college student and I weight 120. I would be lucky to even have 30 bucks in my bank account...

I feel the same way. I border 160 and have .85 in my account. Gah. I hate not having money.

Yup, same here 118. I'm underweight and have not broken my weight yet this quarter even getting tons of assistance. Working more next quarter, hopefully I'll break $100. Maybe.

Lol i am a 115 pound 5'5" eighth grader and have a lot more than my weight in the bak... But then again, I don't have to pay rent or anything so...

But you live in the States! You don't keep pounds in the bank! The Brits do that. Or do you weigh 250 dollars?

U.S. paper bills weigh a gram each. What if she meant weight in change though?........

TorturedXeno 27

Well played, #5. I literally LOLed when I read that.

TheDrifter 23

And here my brain was bring simple and just came to the conclusion that OP did international currency conversions in their head for fun when checking their bank balance.

Or maybe she has coins. Pennies weight adds up quick but the value is low.

Whoever disliked 31 is probably just bad at math.

Doc has a new profile picture. I can't tell what it is...

Why not just go with the weight of a gold dollar or a silver dollar? Much faster to get one of those's weight then take the weight of a penny and multiply it by a hundred.

RochelleRedvines 8

Hey, me too. Freaking Black Friday.

Black Friday made you fat?

No, Black Friday made her poor. Thanksgiving made her fat.

So do I. Damn. Way to bring to my attention just how broke I am OP.

unknown_user5566 26

I think you're the only one calling attention to your own financial situation.

It's not that bad. Over half the world weighs less than their bank account, or (if they don't have one like in 3rd world countries) any of their money at all! So, be thankful you can pay for food.

since when is it bad to relate your life to OP'S? because I'm pretty sure I see it all the time. I wasn't taking attention away from op or taking the spotlight if you will. Its called relating.

Also 105 I didn't disclose my entire financial situation. so since you mentioned it, I can't actually afford food either. And before I get crap about a job I can't get one. I lost mine due to disability.

Thanks for the life story.

142 - I don't mean to poke holes through your story, but if you can't afford food then how can you afford Internet/phone bill to be on FML?

Its a family phone plan. I've been on the contract for years and paid by own part until a few months ago when the accident happened that lead to my disability. My family also refuses to take my phone off the plan even though I can't pay it right now because I need my phone "incase something else happens."

I like food. It's good.

LiterOfCola 16

What a bullshit story. You can't legally be fired and cut off because of your disability, so that's obviously not true. If it is, you should take a government class to know your rights. And if you have the time to make these comments, you have the time to do something about your situation regardless.

fmldude79 3

Eww your gross wonder

Time to work out, and start saving... The sooner you start the better..

Food is expensive.

You can't save and loose weight at the same time... Healthy food is expensive and so are gyms :P

Push ups don't cost a dime neither does running. Healthy foods are expensive, but most of the time just cutting back on amounts and liquid calories does the trick. No excuse for being a fatty.

Just because she weighs more than what she has in her bank account it does not mean she/he is fat. It could just mean that they are broke.

jojimugo 20

Much change is needed in your life OP, good thing is the first step is recognizing you have a problem

vatty_196 0

Nah I think change is no good. Bills on the other hand

I spent a while trying to think of a pounds-weight vs. pounds-currency joke, but it just wasn't working.

monstersocks 5

it's the thought that counts

ryry013 6

The thought that counts, you're right. It's different though when you bring your unfinished thought to us as a final product.

Had to think about this for a second, reminds me of the scale and the phone # joke