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Today, I overheard my mom telling my younger sister not to use my razors because she "doesn't know what I may have." FML
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It appears that your mom's razor sharp words have cut you too deep.

do you know what you have? lol


do you know what you have? lol

Pfft, the chances of catching anything from using a razor must be slim to none if it is used normally..

it was simply a joke because the fml is beyond whack. it seems like her mom was simply joking and she took it too seriously. an if the mom was serious, this person needs to get checked and you can get some stds from sitting on the toilet and im sorry, i would never use someones else's razor. especially if they have something. i dont know about you.

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Well, a lot of people cut themselves using them 'normally'.

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Oh I see. I guess I didn't think about all the little cuts you must get, I only use an electric razor so I wasn't really thinking about that

2- I know someone who had staph infection and had to get part of her arm pit removed because it got infected from shaving razors.. So no, there's much more than a "slim chance"

11- u just said she should get checked if she was serious then agreed that her fears were legitimate 63- what else would cooties be refering too. And cooties is not a childish disease... It is a VERY serious, HIGHLY contageous, deadly, imaginary disease. 97- you can not say chances are not slim because it happened once. I'm quite sure happening once is as slim as chances get...

It appears that your mom's razor sharp words have cut you too deep.

Ouch that's rough. Happy holidays!!

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I see what you did there

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In other words, OP might have lobsters. No? Ok.

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You said it well, 64. No.

80- he said it better than you, sir.

41- that never gets old. I honestly laugh every time I read it

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Merry Christmas!

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Happy holidays**

No, he/she probably MEANT "merry Christmas". Don't force people to be politically correct. You shouldn't be offended by people celebrating a religious holiday if it's not harming you. I'm not religious. But forcing political correctness is ridiculous.

Lols that sounds like my mum! Or sometimes she says don't drink from your sisters cups... You don't know where her mouth been :/ and oh Merry Christmas!

Mom's only being the voice of experience. Perhaps she's tainted!?

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Next time you're with your sister, loudly tell her that you KNOW everything your mom has.

Lols no Just put her mom on blast haha

Is your mom afraid that she'll break out in giant slut too?

Okay, I am having a confusion moment. You put it in quotes, which infers that your mother was referring to herself having something, however, that wouldn't really be an FML. So was your mom talking about you? If so, that wouldn't be something you should put quotes around.

A "Confusion moment," I've never heard that term before

You are confused because you are reading the sentence structure improperly as well as misusing the word quotation in the situation. Op is quoting what her mother said verbatim, not in the implying sense quotes are used for, which is what you're thinking...improperly as well, but enough nit-picking... see? Grammar Nazis have a use.

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8 - Hahahahahah you fail.

monstaber 6

Some grammatical freaks will argue that if you're changing a pronoun in a quotation but not the antecedent, as 8 did here, then you should denote this action by using [brackets] around the altered pronoun or 'single quotes' around the entire quotation. It's a matter of opinion though, just like the Oxford comma.

We know where the real grammer nazis of the internet hang out...

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FTW #79!!!!!

73- that is so rude. No one on here laughs at other people's mistakes! *eye roll*

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8 - either you over analyzed what OP is trying to tell us, you're begging for people to see how "smart" you are, or... (read to yourself)... "I am retarded."

73- hahahahahahahahahahahaha you do too.

You're stupid #8

She raises a good point. You could have any number of unknown blood borne pathogens in your system at any given time.

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What are you doing with that razor??

Shaving my legs.

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12, make sure you shave both.

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That's rude of your mother to say. Sorry OP

Even your mom knows your a whore

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