By bleach - 24/03/2013 05:30 - United Kingdom

Today, I bought an expensive razor that's supposed to be great. My roommate asked if she could borrow it, and as her legs just looked like they needed touching up, I said sure. After a strangely long amount of time, she came back, thanked me and left. Her legs were still hairy. FML
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im_joking 11

Maybe it was just her arms....

I don't think people should share razors

countryrose92 23

Razors can pass along blood born pathogens like HIV and such, if I were op I would have said no, or if I found my room mate using it I would have bought a new razor immediately. This is so gross

Osito2011 9

It probably was one of those vibrating razors that op had. Which might have been the reason why op's roommate took a long time.

janelly16 7

Exactly. She definitely deserves this because you should NEVER share a razor with anyone.

SmexiiBacon 8

Couldn't she have shaved her armpits?

Shaving your armpits doesn't take a "strangely long amount of time"

Perhaps it was her pits, and just a long enjoyable shower.. There are possibilities. OP will never know, until she asks the awkward question..

Might be expensive but I really hope that you threw it away cause that's nasty op

misataylor86 10

They shouldn't share ever! That's disgusting. Lets hope she didn't cut herself & have any stds you could catch.... Eww..

misataylor86 10

That would be possible if women always shaved with men's razors....

nnnope 26

I just threw up in my mouth a little

It's her livelihood. She's a piercer by trade. But yeah, I don't have to like it, either.

Anmolm97 - Comments on people's appearance are generally neither tolerated nor appreciated here. What Nnnope does to her body is her choice. Making this type of comment is like staring at her on the train. It's incredibly rude.

nnnope 26

10: *your also, if you were sorry about your very rudely-voiced opinion, you wouldn't have made that comment (which I'm reporting for harassment). 21: no I'm not, it's clearly stated in my info. can we stay on topic now please???

32- everyone has the right to their own opinion, not everyone is going to like the way you dress or look it is just something people have to deal with. So rather than get offended, deal with it or don't care about it.

nnnope 26

35: the comment was extremely rude and unnecessary and off-topic, like this whole ******* thread that's probably gonna get my original comment deleted. What is so hard about keeping one's opinion to oneself?

35 - Everyone is entitled to their opinion. They are not necessarily entitled to express it.

wow 2, can't even take a little bit of hate? I haven't seen the original comment so I don't know how bad it was... but how bad could it possibly have been?! And you jumped right to 'harassment'. I suggest you look up that word, I don't think it means what you think it means. Stop being so nervous, take it easy. If someone says something stupid to you, just ignore them.

For the record, I generally think earrings and piercing is kinda gross and not attractive in any way. But yours looks fine, I don't hate it!

nnnope 26

48: I never expressed being offended by the comment. My profile clearly states that negative comments about the photo will be reported. Rudeness is not "hate." It's unnecessary and unwanted. Am I offended? No. It just turns my comments into threads like this and sometimes results in my original comments getting deleted when the mods delete the whole thread. Also, what part of "let's stay on topic" is so hard to comprehend???? I'm not changing my photo just because someone doesn't like it so let's move on and shut up about it please.

So uhh, how about apples, those are good fruits aren't they? All red, but sometimes green!

Nnnope personally I love the piercing second yeah sharing razors is unhygienic as hell I may let a girlfriend borrow my handle with a brand new cartridge that is now hers but I do not like the idea of just sharing with friends. So yeah I get the mouth vomit :/ disgusting and throw that out OP.

countryrose92 23

Me too, I let my boyfriend use my shick quatro but he has his own razor cartridge that he keeps on his counter so it's not the same blades just the handle

I wouldn't lend a razor out..I find the idea very unhygienic.

Agreed. Even for legs, it's still gross... Not to mention armpits or bikini area. *shudders*

Yeah, you can pass blood borne pathogens like that. Not a good idea, unless it's someone you're in a long-term relationship with. My boyfriend borrows my razor sometimes if he forgets his or or the battery died (I use a Gilette Mach 5), but I have a separate blade for him, so he just pops mine off and replaces it.

nnnope 26

why the hell would you state that blood-borne pathogens can be spread that way, followed by a totally contradictory statement like "unless it's with someone you're in a long-term relationship with"??

Silent_Thrill 17

First off it's not suddenly a good idea to do something you generally wouldn't want to do for medical reasons if you're in a long term relationship. But then again, that would be between you 2 and no ones business. Plus, you aren't really using the same razor head, just the handle. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

In 20's defense she did say she keeps a separate blade for her boyfriend to use. :)

If you're in a long-term relationship or a marriage where you're already swapping blood-borne pathogens via unprotected sex, then you're probably okay to share a razor. I still probably wouldn't want someone to use a razor that I used on my armpits on their face, but I could see someone using their husband's razor to shave their legs or something. That was the situation I was describing - if you're both cleared health-wise and in a monogamous relationship anyway.

I thinks she means that if you're having regular, unprotected sex with someone it is sorta moot point to be like, "No! You can't use my razor! We could swap germs that way!"

Didn't you know that being in a commited relationship protects you against those blood borne pathogens. Oh and STD's too. Least that's what my ex boyfriend tells me...

Hahaha welcome to the world of having a roommate.

Not in my world. If my roommate used my razor on their nether region, I'd use that same razor on their eyeball.

If that's normal with your roommates, I'd recommend either setting some boundaries or looking for different roommates. I'd never let a roommate borrow my razor, and I would never ask a roommate if I could borrow their's. That's just unhygienic.

acerima 11

Seriously though, bitch owes you a new razor. That is nasty!

Yes and no, who shares that kind of equipment?! OP, sorry but I voted YDI, sharing a toothbrush is nasty so why share something that can spread blood?

12..*thinking*, I mean no. I'm gonna stick with no.

Sharing a toothbrush also can spread blood pathogens. If your gums bleed, then… BOOM! aids And then the barber shop quartet from family guy comes and sings it to you, and then you KNOW you're screwed.

oj101 33

You wouldn't share a toothbrush because of bacteria, so why lend a razor which can spread STDs etc through blood on something that can cut easily?

Might have been are arm pits....????? It's even freaking me out that you'd be willing to share a razor at all!!!

How long does it take you to shave your armpits...?

Maybe she wanted a new style for her private part? Anyway, throw that shit out, it has been contaminated.

Lets be real when you go to the bathroom to shave do you truly 'just shave'??

YDI. Tell her to keep it, and take this as a lesson to not lend out your grooming/hygiene equipment.

Considering I use my razor on my face, and it sounds like your roommate just rubbed it all over her genitals, she can keep the damn thing, expensive really is a relative term here, as it's so not worth it. :p Add it to her share of the rent, Op.

wlddog 14

Maybe she just shaved a beloved pet, like the cat. Or the gold fish. You can shave a gold fish, right?

I shave my goldfish at least once a week, but I'd never share a razor with my goldfish.

27- Her pet kitty or fish? Perhaps....but it still sound to me like she shaved her pet beaver. ;P

dr_snow_bear 29

Why would you let someone borrow your razor? Kind of gross no matter what she shaved.