By amburrr - 03/08/2009 00:59 - United States

Today, I was working in my store. Right around closing, a lady came in to try some things on. I went to the back and when I came out, she was standing in the middle of the room with fluid coming from between her legs. I asked her if she was going into labor. She wasn't. She was peeing. FML
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Wow... what do you say after that? Was she retarded? And I mean that seriously.

I bet that was awkward


I bet that was awkward

How can she pee herself? Ugh make her clean it up!

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that's so weird? I wonder what OP did?

Why are both those phrases questions? I don't know?

Wow... what do you say after that? Was she retarded? And I mean that seriously.

pregnant woman have alot more pressure on their bladders and sometimes if they get a sudden urge they might not be able to reach the bathroom in time. fhl i bet she was really embarrassed.

You're assuming she was actually never actually says that. The "going into labor" question could've just been hopefulness on the part of the poster.

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Last time I checked only pregnant women go into labor

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WOW! This is makes me happy I do not work in retail.

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Make her clean it up, don't accept any bs excuses.

another one of those where YDI just doesnt make sense

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#87, have you ever had to work for a corporation in your life? You are NOT allowed to close the store before the actual closing time. If it is 8:59 and someone walks in, you have to allow them to shop because they were there before you locked the doors. Most of the time, the store will allow the customers already in the store to finish making their purchases (at least that's how it was at Blockbuster). Anyway, the point was that the OP does not deserve it because she let people in the store when it was nearing closing time; she HAD to as part of her job.

Actually read the comment properly before replying..they clearly stated that it would make NO sense to say they deserved it.

@104 actually read the comment properly before replying. they were talking to #87, even though their comment is not in the chain. they werent talking to #6, obviously.

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I wanted to see if the clothes where stain resistant.

Sounds like you have a piss job.

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To OP, urine the wrong line of work to need to clean piss.

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Or not. Wow, OP that's nasty. I hope she had to clean it up! FYL.