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  cracktus  |  0

Girls have two holes downstairs. They pee out the urethra. As do men. We just happen to have our piss hole combined with our sex hole (which requires some complicated plumbing to make sure neither one interferes with the other).

  gramie  |  8

To be a little clearer (for all the 12-year-olds reading): the opening for the urethra, where the pee comes out, is just above the vagina. They aren't combined, although they are both within the labia (lips).

  frostie  |  0

Back in my high school days, my friend who had just came out of Bio class thought that girls peed out of their ass (guess he was failing that class). He then tried to convince me that he was right and gave the most retarded explanation, saying about how since the uterus is for giving birth and some other stupidity nonsense. I told our other friend this and we immediately confronted the guy at lunch break about it. We had a good laugh at his method of thinking. Ahhh good times xD

  NandaPanda  |  22

My fiancé thought girls peed out of their vagina up until just a few weeks ago. He said something about it and I was like, "what?" And had to correct him. And it still took him a minute to understand... It's sad, people these days are so clueless sometimes...

By  QTp13  |  10

Oh you poor child. FYL indeed for ending up with someone who is evidently intellectually challenged. I cannot believe that people exist who are that stupid. *Shakes head in utter disbelief*

  krnmafia92  |  0

@#7, I agree. I didn't think there were people as stupid and pretentious as you. You say "intellectually challenged?" That's the worst synonym of stupid, I've ever heard. There's a whole laundry list of synonyms that you can use, yet you made up something that makes you sound like you've never studied any vocabulary, but want to seem smart and educated. There are people who drop out of high school to work and never take a health class. They learn what they can from the street, and you don't really learn that information, because things like knowing the periodic table of elements isn't useful in their 9 to 5 job. I can not believe people who are so ignorant, inconsiderate, and pretentious.

  piximobile  |  0


Knowing the periodic table of elements is very important in a 9-5 job when you're a chemist. Just because it's not something you learn in barista school, or in the school or hard knocks (on the "street" as you so aptly put it) doesn't mean it isn't valuable. You're just defensive over your lack of education to get all bent out of shape over someone using larger words than suits your preference. The phrase "intellectually challenged" is a perfectly suitable synonym for stupid, whether or not you've heard of it. Maybe you'd know it if you didn't drop out of highschool to work.