By gmanxx
Today, I was fired from my new job before my first paycheck for taking 2 days off. I took 2 days off because my father got drunk and totaled my car, leaving me with no transportation, a hospitalized dad, property damage, and no money to pay for it all. FML
gmanxx tells us more :
you think i would lend him my keys knowing he was wasted? he took them. end of story.
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By  azouwa  |  26

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  MidnaLink  |  32

In no way does it say that they loaned the car. Dad probably stole the car for the night, and that’s likely what happened. Don’t put words there like you know the whole situation.

  Seeya55  |  31

Who says OP allowed the father to use it? The dad was drunk. OP, If it wasn't far, take a taxi, a bus, bike it. Something, anything just to get there. If you're in an At will State, they can fire you that early. Your car wouldn't have been fixed in two days anyways. Should have gotten a loaner and made your dad pay for it if possible! If you were seriously in a situation where none of the above could have worked, you have more issues to resolve than a totaled car and lost new job. Best of luck to you.

  Kanza Qamar  |  3

wow, such great advice. we should all be selfish assholes like you.

  Lobby_Bee  |  17

Love how everybody is jumping on the side, the car wasn't loaned based on the fact it wasn't said the car was loaned. Going by this logic, why would you assume it wasn't? OP did not say he didn't loan it to his father. It could go both ways and it would be just as bad.

  tounces7  |  27

Yeah if his dad was drunk the stupid ass probably just stole the keys. I mean the fact he doesn't have his own car in the first place shows what a loser his dad likely is.

By  Spiritbird  |  17

Why don't you ask Dr. OLU for help? Just a love spell from Dr. Olu and you will be reinstated in no time, with even more privileges, coz your boss LOVES you now, literally!
PS- Just dont forget to ask Dr. Olu to be prepared with a reverse spell after you get ur job back, otherwise, well..

By  prncsjnlca  |  10

Ah the entitled youth of this generation. Shocking they expect you to show up. Take a damn bus or cab or Uber. Life lesson, you will be fired for any job for taking days off 2 weeks in. This isn’t grade school, no one cares your car got a boo boo. Figure it out.

  thelittlem  |  15

did you miss the part where he said he had no money? did you miss the part where it said his dad is hospitalized? did you also miss the part where he said he has NO transportation? fucking hell!!!!

  Nadine  |  21

.... His dad was in the hospital. I'm not showing up to work if my parents are in the hospital, even if they did something stupid to end up there. And I don't want to be employed by a company that wouldn't understand that.

By  Misoranomegami  |  16

2 days before your first pay check means you've been there what? A week? 2 weeks? A month tops? Now you've missed 2 days of work and it sounds like you're gonna miss more because you don't have transportation anymore. Sympathy is nice and all, but business is business. They need someone who can do the job and you shouldn't expect loyalty after such a short time.

By  prncsjnlca  |  10

Aww poor kids mad I said that’s how life works. No money? Stand a dang street corner you’ll have bus fare in 20 mins. You kids needs to learn to humble yourselves. Lazy as heck.

  julfunky  |  29

They’re not mad, just annoyed at the pathetic “kids these days” attitude. Seriously, everyone is getting tired of hearing it.

Get over yourself and your “generation.” Insulting the generation your generation raised? Sounds smart.

  Gibbsy326  |  6

1. maybe he's less complaining about losing the job and complaining more about the situation that got him there 2. he could live an hour commute from his work with no public transportation (been there- done that- if my car was totaled I wouldnt have been able to get there either) 3. he had no money and depending on how far he was away an uber is not cheap. 4. maybe he had no one else to call to get him to work.

You call him entitled? I call you entitled if you cant think of a dozen reasons he couldn't get to work after losing his mode of transportation. I'm all for calling people entitled brats if thats what they are- but good work showing your own entitlement.