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Sell his car on eBay.

Sorry, you're not entitled to those tickets, or rather the money they're worth. Stop being so self-centered, if you want them so bad see what sort of work around the house you need to do to get them!


thumbs down for being first bitxh >:)

thumbed down, I second the motion(:

why u bitching than?

pretty sure you and 5 totally missed the point....

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no because his dad is selling them

"You can now find them on eBay."

They have about the same chance of going as an fill grown elephant fitting in a mini fridge. You get where I'm heading at?

You don't like elephants?

Buy it from him and take the money afterwards :D

Unless it's a Coldplay Concert

Srry OP I meant her father is selling them

Coldplay? all the more reason to get them back and YDI until you tell me the band

A facepalm won't cut it for a fail of that magnitude....

WTF are you stupid? can you not comprehend what you read?

Have you had any serious damage to the brain recently? Or are you just like lady gaga ... "born this way"

Good advertisement, bro.

I have a feeling OP is one of them whiney bitches who expects everything handed over. Especially since her own father figured she doesn't deserve them

Is it just me or does it seem #1 was using sarcasm

wow captain obvious stricks again! **sarcasm**

I dislike most of these comments.

u have a fricking amazing profile picture

number 181 = win

Wait guys, does PM mean like sexing or message?????

it meanns private message..

It means Penis Man.

Maybe you need the money more then you need to see a concert?

#242 I like your hair

yeah including yours

#5, please click this link:

atleast there free

I'll go buy them just for you op!... not!

they WERE free

Capitalising the word 'were' won't make your original comment any less of a fail.

you ARE retarded

Did everyone here INGEST dumbass PILLS this MORNING ?

28- really? he's the idiot? have yooh seen your picture? and why is everyone being so harsh? i didnt get at first either. at least be nice about what yooh say.

I hope yooh are joking.

says the one spelling you as 'yooh'

224 - it's just a picture from the movie "Liar Liar" of Jim Carey

224- at least know how to spell what yooh say.

I'm pretty sure it's from Yes Man.

I'm pretty sure it's from Yes Man.

235 - yes it is. When I posted that I confused that pic with the image of when he was in his office trying to write "RED" with the blue pen in "Liar Liar."

i apologize for spelling you as yooh but thats how i text so thats how i wrote it. i will write proper next time......

Actually it's from yes man, Sorry it's one of my favorite movies, sooo I just figured I'd tell you. :)

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The dad could at least have given OP one of the tickets.

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Misomalu i really hope english isn't your first language.

33, your comment makes no sense!

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family first. if OP was outside the family then that might be different.

It really depends if op is entitled. If he/she sneaks out at night and is a lazy ass deadbeat, by all means they deserved it. If op is well-rounded and not a total piece of shit, daddy could have atleast offered up the tickets.

I think he was just typing too fast haha

I agree! The dad could have been nice but he wasn't and that doesn't mean that his kid is entitled to them by default!

dkf295, tell that to the Mafia.

Basically everyone who commented in reply to this guys comment is stupid. He makes a valid point. No one freaking realizes that they deserve nothing, yet they complain.

I completely agree. My parents would have done the same and I don't blame them. OP didn't earn them and shouldn't complain. Unless their parents are rich and absolutely don't need the money (which is not likely), OP should grow up and realize that money to pay bills is much more important than a single night of deafening music.

god they are freaking concert tickets. I say that the dad could have given one up because (some) parents like to see their children happy. I also think if you have to sell concert tickets you win for money then life pretty muc sucks for you atm.

dont know why this comment has got so many negative replies. it makes sense.

7 - Honestly, her dad could have at least offered them to her ... c'mon, it's her dad. But the main reason I wrote this comment, is to let you know that I just can't take anything you say seriously with that picture of yours

While it does make sense, I'm presuming OP is old enough to understand if her parents needed the money or not. I see it from the stand point that her Dad is just going to sell the tickets and buy something he wants. That's the kind of thing my Dad would do, he could afford to give me one of the tickets/take me with him, and a father/son bonding thing, or he could sell them and buy god knows what useless crap he buys. FML's are really too short to judge if it's an FML or YDI, as we don't know if OP's Father was just being mean or not. I think my Dad would see the reasoning of, well we have the tickets, why not treat my child? Idk. Maybe i'm spoilt. Anyway probably went off track of why this particular comment is voted so negatively, but it's hard to say why. I personally have a -82 voted comment which i thought was perfectly fine... the people of FML are strange some times.

because the majority of people on here are fucking idiots.

dkf295, if u werent a douche, y is every1 thumbing down ur comment?

oh stop being an naggy old lady bitch

you know what, just STFU

39 and 46, it's the auto correct of an iPod or iPhone

i think # 7 IS the dad... no offence.

i think #7 IS the dad.. no offence.

***You're a douche***

so what if the OP's not 'entitled' to the tickets, it's still pretty rude of the father to go and sell them on ebay without at least offering to sell them to the OP first.

hey why don't you go out and get a job or baby sit or mow lawns like me to buy those tickets from your dad because your not entitled to them in any way. Seriously I don't think you deserve it if you don't work for it.

this guy is obviously an ass hole the op should get them unless their father is a blind jack ass who is more self centered trying to get money off of them rather than give it to their child.

am i the only one tht understood #33 :D

am i the only one tht understood #33 :D

I'm guessing OPs dad told her to go look for them on eBay if it's an FML. looks like someone was an unwanted child... lol.

Fml I'm going to my favorite band's concert bro come back with something funny.

hopefully op knows dad's credit card #...

text me 1780.779.7441 :~]

Tell him to make the auction one VIP ticket and a date with his daughter. He'll likely get better money out of it and you'll get to go to the show.

That's just shows that he's desperate to have his ugly daughter get a date. :p

some people need reading comprehension lessons. the OP is not going. the dad is selling the tickets. on ebay

^ exactly.. "Thank you."

thank you for thanking him.

Why is everyone thanking each other?

oh! thank you for asking there!

why thank you for pointing that out there!

why thank you for pointing that out there!

threer 30

Thank you for commenting twice!