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Today, I was telling my co-workers about how I'd gotten tickets to a concert in a few days. My boss overheard. Later, he told me I now have to work on the night of the concert. However, he was kind enough to offer to buy the tickets off me for half of what I'd paid for them. FML
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ramakanthsj 3

Sell him a ticket and the other to the most irritating person you know

Photocopy the tickets, sell the photocopies to him, and the real copies to someone worthy of them. Voila.


ramakanthsj 3

Sell him a ticket and the other to the most irritating person you know

I wouldnt sell him the tickets at all. **** that job, the boss sucks.

the_anti_hipster 7

Gah, he was just trying to be nice. You know you'd rather be working than going to an awesome concert, right? Jeesh, so ungrateful. But seriously, your boss is a bastard.

Sell the other to the girl above with Chlamydia. And send her a dozen roses from your boss ;).

32- Damn, I didn't know girls were so easy. All it takes is a dozen roses to win our virginity? Suddenly not too glad to be a woman.

She's already lost her virginity... But no, you're completely correct. Instead of roses Get some shitty vodka. It's cheaper. And works better.

Shitty booz and a STD! Good times? Humm,no.

Go to the concert. The worst he can do is fire you.

Ugh so many double standards for bosses!! He's sucking the fun out of your work life and now your social life! Stand up to him and tell him what's he's doing isn't at all fair.

X_Codes 11

I'd be surprised if this was legal. At the very least, OP should report this to HR.

Yes, because party-pooping is against the law.

Or just tell him you don't wanna sell the tickets to him. His plan would be spoiled.

Actually in many states there is a minimum amount of time bosses must inform you of schedule changes and such. OP needs to check his laws out and see if he even has to show up. Normally I'd advise just working, but when he is so obviously trying to get cheap tickets.. screw him.

scarface90 8 you work for Mr. Burns?

cheshireau 26

I had a teacher named Mrs. Burns in 4th grade. She was the only teacher in the school who didn't celebrate any holidays. Halloween Parade= Math Class.

paulinec213 3

More like an asshole from the sounds of it :/ Unless you're a cold hearted capitalist of course.

*woosh* Did you hear that? It was the sarcasm flying right over your head!

Your mom is overused. How's that for overused?

13- You used a disappointment face. That means you know what a disappointment face looks like and how it would be used on the Internet. 5 used a disappointment face. Since 5 used a disappointment face, you should know that 5 was being facetious in an otherwise ironically false comment. Check yoself befo' you wreck yoself.

Photocopy the tickets, sell the photocopies to him, and the real copies to someone worthy of them. Voila.

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MormonPornstar - Did you hear that whooshing noise just now? That was the sound of the joke going over your head.

Hey 24 he was saying that so the boss would get caught. So take your comment back!

If the person with the real tickets go to the concert first, then only the boss would get in trouble. Winning.

Sitaaboo 6

I like that idea!!! **** him the way he ****** you! Rude guy.. Then tell him it was funny though! :D

Then OP ends up jobless, and her boss would have probably told the police who sold then to him. Voila, unemployment!

88) I don't know about you, but I'd rather be unemployed than be working for an asshat. Just sayin'

if he's gonna do that and get fired for that, then he might as well just go to the concert himself like he wanted..

Tell him to stick his job up his arse....

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

Because being fired would totally help the OP's situation.

Probably not... It would make me feel better if I were in OP's shoes. Stick it to the man!

Ya or tell him **** off you aren't selling him the tickets and sell them to someone else in front of him.

Airman1988 9

Find two of your friends who hate their bosses as well and draw up an elaborate plan to murder each other's boss but beware of Mother fucka Jones he is not to be trusted.

Yea I herd one night he went into his mothers room and she was sleeping there butt ass naked so he went up to her and... Stole the money out her purse. Mother ****** jones don't **** with him


Try to trade shifts with another worker possibly... Then you'll have the last laugh if you can get your shift traded.

enormouselephant 15 long as OP doesn't work in a place where the boss has to approve shift trades

I believe Offspring said it best. "Say no way! Say no wayyyah! No waaaaay! Now now go and find a new job."

Call in sick, go anyway! Or if that'll get you fired, give it to family, friends or sell them on StubHub. Then using the least amount of tact possible while not getting in trouble tell your boss they're an asshole.