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  ReyEr9412  |  0

Word of the day: Blurted.

And to the OP: Pawn her plane ticket home and use the money to buy life insurance for her. You know how the rest goes.........

  DGross  |  8

I know...I would do anything for a vacation in Hawaii right now... well not anything...for example I wouldn't do a rock...or a fish...or a get the point

Just enjoy yourself OP and say hi to my ex-roommate for me if you head to the Honolulu lol

  TempestJones  |  0

OP... look at the brightside! Now when you see the hot chicks in Hawaii you can be guilt free if you decide to shack up with one! ;) Truely sorry bout the ear infection though. OWCH.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Monika is right. Hope you have the tickets. If you can't return hers outright, trade it in for an upgrade to first class.

While you're in Hawaii, pick up some meds for your infection then go have some fun. You might find a new gf before you leave or just go on 50 first dates.

  WordsOfHope  |  0

I've had a huge head cold for a few monthes were I can only hear less than 30% of things and going on a flight for a funeral was the worst pain in my life. fyl op

By  Monikabug  |  9

Yeah, that does suck... but now you can live it up on your vacation in Hawaii, right?
Go out, have a great time, and spite that insensitive bitch that you can now call your "ex-girtlfriend." ツ

  Monikabug  |  9

Copy and paste. haha!

Some people can not do it with the Alt codes, so... just copy and paste. It will be way easier. Trust me.
It is actually a chinese symbol, I think. ツ

  KurouTenshi  |  0

sorry, but I don't feed trolls. I do, however, supply Monika with hugs and support.
and I support her in using a symbol (which btw is nothing more than a mere single syllable, and therefor can't neccessarily mean much of anything) as a smile face.

  Monikabug  |  9

@66: I may be using a character from another language that YOU do not understand (ツ), but that does not mean I am bastardizing their language by using the symbol for a Smiley Face(ツ). I know that it is NOT offensive. The only person in the world to bitch about it to me (ツ), or anyone I know(ツ), is you. How does it affect you in any way? Oh that's right.. it doesn't. ツツツツツツツ

@Chris ツ, thank you. ツ for the hugs, even though they were not Hizzugs ツ, and the support.ツ
haha. ツ

  DGross  |  8

I detect a flaming debate over ツ and have been sent from the planet "Earth" to beat the crap out of all parties involved...

...oh wait that's not it...

...oh yea... I was instructed to tell you all to reconcile your differences in a peaceful manner and to stop clogging the interwebs... they are already backed up from that last FML about the seafood...

but seriously, does it really matter? It's not like the symbol is offensive to any group or individual (at least to my knowledge).

*support hug to Monika for standing up for what she believes in :-)'s an Ω

  Monikabug  |  9

Oh jeeze. ._.
I am so sorry that I have upset you in some way or another for using a symbol as a smiley face. I can see how me using it really affected you in your personal life, it must have just ruined your day.

No, really, this whole conversation is childish. I am not going to stop using the symbol and you have no place to be telling me what symbols to use, or not use. You can learn to get over it and ignore it when you see it, just like I can learn to ignore your snide comments when I see them. 'Kay? ツ

  DGross  |  8

Hell_Kaht's - a direct quote from your profile:

"Though I am learning Japanese, I'm not really interested in Japan's culture all that much"

For someone who doesn't care a whole lot about culture you sure care a lot about a single non-offensive character and how "big bad" Monika is "bastardizing" the language.

Perhaps you should also go after this Monica on myspace for abusing the character as well...

ツ ♥ monica michelle. ( L )

She appears to also be defaming aforementioned character. Oh wait... a quick google search turned up even more infractions...

The truth of the matter is this world is fked up...we all know that... and abusing a non offensive character from another language ranks rather low on the totem pole of world problems. It's great to be passionate about something but this is America and just as you have the right to stand up for what you believe in, Monika also has the same freedom of speech to use a Japanese character as she sees fit.

The symbol has no international limitations on its use, and no copyrights prohibit pasting said character to an online message board. Monika's use of the character does no more to remove value than :-O does to defame those English characters or using an accent over a letter because it "looks cooler" does to defame those characters. I do understand where you are coming from,, however, you have no right to tell Monika how that symbol can and can not be used...

Now if she was using a variation of a swastika then that would be a different story... Omega was edited out :-(

  DGross  |  8

wow that last post was way too serious... time to end on a lighter note...

//o. <==== look two forward slashes mounting an o oooo noooo what should we do?

I know... time for an army of ¥¥¥¥ to scare the forward slashes away before they impregnate... I mean defame that poor o

/ / ¥¥ o ¥¥

yay... the ¥'s win and are protecting the o... oo noo that's not good


poor o just got gangban.... I mean "defamed" :-(

  topbanana  |  0

YAY!! to monikabug hell_khat and DGross!! that was the most exciting fml fight of the night! highlight of my afternoon
o jeez I think I just made an fml on an fml comment about a fml fight...fml

  ohSNAPyall  |  26

What about using a capital "U" with an umlaut? Would that be bastardizing a language (actually alphabet) too?

People need to learn to relax. Some things look like other things. This is akin to ASCII art on a small scale.


I'm not going to take a side here, but technically the 'shi'「シ」 character in katakana has no relevent meaning, because it is used to translate foreign words. If, however, the character was hiragana, 「し」 it would literally mean 'die'.

So in the form it is being used, there is nothing offensive.

Hell_Khat: English uses so many words and letters from other languages, so you really have no place to talk about stealing from another language.

しんで しまえ。


Not that my opinion on this matter is going to mean anything. but FML is not limited to "America". just because you are in America does not mean all of us are. this is a standard response to close minded Americans who assume they are the greatest nation on the planet. and FYI this is IMO and does not in any way represent all Americans.

  azarel88  |  11

I'd change all my hotel and travel bookings for one and first class and leave her there. find your own way home bitch and finally hit up the clubs for some intense vaginal action.