By elijahrobrt - 07/01/2012 06:48 - United States

Today, I went to a great concert. Against all odds, I got to meet the band. All I had for them to autograph was a flyer protesting their concert that was given to me on the way in. FML
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They should appreciate the irony. I know I would!

At least you got the autograph.


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Nobody cares you loser.

They should appreciate the irony. I know I would!

Wow. You blew it.

What about the ticket?

Should have let them sign your body.

Should have let them sign your arm or something like that.

Sorry about that double posting...for all you guys and girls who will hate on me for it.

It was just fine the first time.

That's awesome!

#2 Is it still irony when it becomes cliché?

Yeah! haha which concert doesn't have tickets?!

How grateful of you, op. you get to go to a great concert, meet the band, and yet you complain about the paper that you gave them to autograph for you? And honestly, they wouldn't even notice what their signing with all the other autographs they have to sign afterwards. So calm down op.

71- I've been to about 4 concerts already and I didn't have tickets. Well I had tickets printed out but it wasn't the ~fancy~ paper you get at the venue. I think you can also get the tickets on your phone, and I don't think you want the band to sign your screen

At least you got the autograph.

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that could be worth something one day. I suppose. that's history right there. that flyer there may be thousands of them people without the flyer after the concert with the autographs will throw them out I'm predicting. I recommend you frame it and years and see if it's worth something or keep it for good old memories :)

Sounds like the Marilyn Manson concert. Do autographs really mean much anymore? I'd think with everyone owning camera phones, a picture would be more valuable.

If everyone owns a camera, I would think that would decrease the value of a picture instead of increasing it.

Vs a piece of signed paper, was what I meant. (:

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I think she means setimental value.

I think an autograph would be more personal/valuable because autographs are normally made out to someone. pictures? you can search them on Google and just claimed to have been there.

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You can prove you were there if you have a "picture" standing next to the band.

Photos or it didn't happen!

fair point, but still, i think I'd prefer an autograph cus if, later in life, I don't want it anymore I can sell it (if it's a decent artist obviously) I'd just bin the picture :)

7 I think your argument only works if everyone has the exact same picture.

I've changed my mind, I get a picture of them doing the autograph, a picture with them, and the autograph itself. way better than what I originally said >.<

I personally would have an autograph and a picture. However, plenty of people Photoshop, so one might have to contest the realness of their picture.

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An autograph for a more popular band and a picture for a band that isn't known as well, but you and your friends like this band a lot.

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just take the picture then have them autograph it. simple as that.

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Or since everyone has a phone just get your phone signed or your case signed....

Autographs from bands are not worth very much. If you really want an autograph that is worth money go to a book signing. Compare a signed Beatles record to a signed first "Great Gatsby." For those wondering about picture of autograph, get a polaroid and have them sign it.

59 & 67 do you often bring Polaroids to concerts.

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Get a photo with the band and have them autograph THAT. Best souvenir possible.

I would have took a picture of me with the band

I'm 13 and I love getting bands to sign posters and CDs when I see them. It's nice to have "collectible" items, and you can always sell signed things on eBay and get a lot of money.

Also, it's nice to have your favourite band write out meaningful lyrics or something funny to make you smile when you have a shitty day

Well at least you got to meet the band!! : P

I know. OP had a great time, got to meet the band, and had great time. I don't see much of an FML here. So what if they signed a flyer?

[EDIT] : I know. OP had a great time, got to meet the band, and got an autograph. I don't see much of an FML here. So what if they signed a flyer?

Get them to sign your arm?

Yes, and never wash your arm OP.

I saw a guy get his arm autographed then he tattooed over the exact signature so it stayed forever. Always an option!

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Not all that original. ^

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sign your shirt?

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This is why chicks use their tits to collect autographs.

What if they are flat chested?

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29- easier for the band to sign on

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At least you got their autograph and had the chance to have a good laugh with the band. Don't be such a downer!

Were you possibly wearing a shirt they could have signed? Or do you think the band just maybe had an extra T-shirt lying around somewhere? If all else fails, have them sign your ass.

It's pretty likely they aren't just gonna hand you a shirt. They sell them for like $25-$30.

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You got a good laugh at least.