By Kolkata - 05/08/2012 23:25 - Canada

Today, my son surprised me on my birthday with tickets to a concert I really wanted to see. I was excited, especially since I planned to buy them but couldn't due to the fact it was too expensive. I was ecstatic, until I found out he'd stolen my credit card to buy them. FML
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It's the thought that counts..? Screw that. Debt is debt

NoahStaz 3

Box up something he has and give it to him for his birthday. If he's old enough to know how to use your card with all the correct info, he's old enough to know that's wrong.


It's the thought that counts..? Screw that. Debt is debt

Make the son pay the debt is probably the best thing that can be done so he can make right his wrong..

It's the debt that counts. Thought is thought.

If the concert is nearby, you could sell the tickets at the gate and potentially make a profit...

maybe it was a once in a lifetime friend tried to make me sell my tickets I got to see my favourite band for the first way in hell was i going to

Pay for his next present by selling some of his things

starman02 12

.. But ... Didn't you plan on buying them anyways? That is so nice for him to think of you! .. Although you bought them, it's the thought that counts! Have a great time at the concert!

^^^. "...I planned to buy them but COULDN'T due to the fact it was too expensive..." so no. They weren't going to buy them.

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#25- leave before you get thumbed down to infinity

starman02 12

Seems I didn't fully read the FML. I apologize I suppose. But still it is the thought that counts!

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To all the brain dead people who are saying "it's the thought that counts" he stole the credit card, used the card without permission , he deserves to be punished. Severely . Theft is theft

tjv3 10

OP open a dispute with the credit card company as unauthorized use, and then cancel the card and have them reissue you one

Doesn't matter..... Got concert tickets

You said so yourself that you could afford it, although it was too expensive.

And the FML wording was changed. Ignore my previous comment.

I think the FML team corrected that! But it did in fact say "could" at first.

I didn't even know you could change your FML's wording.

Re-read the FML. OP said that they had planned to buy the tickets, but couldn't because they were too expensive. Disregard this. My apologies.

Well that's a dilemma now isn't it.. You could return them and hopefully your favorite band'll be back in town some other time..

On the bright side, you get to go see a concert

MistaKrista 8

Most concerts don't take tickets back. At least, I've never seen one that does. You could sell them to other people though!

NoahStaz 3

Box up something he has and give it to him for his birthday. If he's old enough to know how to use your card with all the correct info, he's old enough to know that's wrong.

Wait #5 you are going about this all wrong he knew she wanted to go to the concert but he probably didnt know she didnt have enough money so he use her credit card thinking that maybe money is endless on it and bought it.

Might as well go now. Don't wanna look like an unappreciative prick. Money will come in and you can pay it off.

Actually, I kind of think the son is the unappreciative prick.

Unappreciative? Personally, I'd be livid. He could have put OP in a very bad situation for bill-paying. OP, first off, try to get a refund. If that doesn't work, call your bank and report your card stolen. I'm sorry he got your hopes up like that, it's terrible! :(

He either has a strange definition of what a gift is or he has no concept of how a credit card works.

I can see the merit of that comment. I mean, most teenagers here don't understand the concept of money. They think everything on the card are free and infinite amount of money comes out of the ATM!

27- That's not true... at all. As a matter of fact, a lot of teenage friends including myself have jobs, and we fully understand "the value of a dollar". Way to summarize an entire generation though. Just because OP son pulled a tricky move, doesn't mean every teenager is naïve to money value.

Especially in today's economy. It's more important than ever that we know what to spend our money on and how.. A lot of teenagers aren't as stupid as adults think But thanks for the faith :)

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#27, I'm 17, have a job, and save 90% of what I earn every two weeks. I certainly know the value of a dollar, and most of my friends do as well. Don't base your generalizations off the idiot stereotype teenagers.

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28- Woah calm down. They said MOST teenagers. Not all. So pull your panties out of your ass and calm down.

27- You mean most 3-year olds think that.

I can only wonder what else he decided to buy.

"Oh look dad! Your new flat screen TV is here!"

"Daaaaaad! I think I should have bought a better case for my iPhone 5!"

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Doesnt the thought counts? Be sure he actually pays for the ticket for you! If he doesn't then it wasn't a gift then!