By Hank - 14/05/2009 14:17 - Canada

Today, I scored two prime baseball tickets from a supplier at work. I phoned my dad to tell him the good news. He said that's great, my brother and him would love to see the game. I said, no, I'm taking you to the game. He told me I was being selfish and hung up the phone. FML
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Take your brother to the game's a bit messed up. You were thinking of him and he calls you selfish for it?


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take someone else

Yeah, wow. What a fucking prick! I sure hope you didn't take him

Well, I guess if your father wants to miss the game, that's kinda his problem. He'll probably feel like kind of an ass once he thinks about it.'s a bit messed up. You were thinking of him and he calls you selfish for it?

Take your brother to the game

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What? No.

Ummmm You suck. Idiot.

Read the FML again. Don't skip any words this time.

Wow well tell your brother and if he has a better reaction take him, and show your dad how "selfish" you can be. That was just mean of him I'm sorry.

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Your dad sucks. I'm sorry, but he does ):

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@5 if I won the tickets...I wouldn't think it'd be selfish to want to go myself. What would be the point of winning them if you just gave them away to someone else? The father is being selfish too. o_O At least they asked their father to go.

someones dad is off the chain and not in a good way

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wtf dad??