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Today, after being laid off for over a year, I got turned down for an unpaid internship. I can't even get people to let me work for free. FML
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Become a prostitute, I heard the are paid well.

-Crickets- If you're gonna tell a joke, make it a good one...


Become a prostitute, I heard the are paid well.

I heard they also get into dangerous situations. I hate when people joke around like that. That's like making fun of 9/11. Some people these days...

It is absolutely not like 9/11. If someone was to make fun of 9/11, or disrespect our troops in front of me I wouldn't laugh.

10- People often us this sit as a getaway from the crappy reality we all have, and in order to cope, we make obscene jokes that will offend anybody outside of our little getaway. So please, understand and take a joke.

No I am saying you making fun of someone's life. Even though 9/11 is more terrible than prostitution it's messed up making fun of both of them. If you knew people who were prostitutes then you would think twice before making that joke. I'm just saying it's messed up.

you'll be raking it in in no time :D

might get STDs..

No shit sherlock

No shit sherlock

45- that hat has shit on it

40 can you keep your crazy logic to yourself please, you are confusing us all, thank you

#25 yur profile pic is creepy .

op might get a few checks here or there, it will cost em but she'll get more once she gives more.

1- you didnt hear it, you would know.

So do the opposite. Go on welfare. DON'T work and STILL get paid for it.

aw im sorry op that ur unemployed. my father was unemployed for 6 months but he finally found a job. I wish u the best of luck to find a job!!

What a good example. -.-

It's just that they don't want to have you. They can get better work for free. You'll get a job, just look for a REAL one.

I assume it's because you're fat.

-Crickets- If you're gonna tell a joke, make it a good one...

OMFG. Of course an ass is dumb, it hasn't got a brain!

#67 - I Saw Your Pic Of Tupac And I Got Excited (I Love 2Pac) ... I Read Your Comment And Logged Off This Site . Why Do People Tell These HORRIBLE Jokes ??

The Better Question Is Why Do You Capitalize Every Word?

And if you logged off the site, why are you still blessing us with your presence?

lmaoooooooo ur jks

#78 - The Even Better Question Is Why Do You Care ??? && #80 - No Comment For The Person Whose Pic Is Of An Apple .

Maybe you should work harder. Or have sex with the boss next time.

somebody's got to do it, but working the corners will get you by (:

see! exactly, it's not that bad! (:

YUP But Definitely not me....…

Lol! That was genuinely funny, fyl

Umm no it wasn't don't get to excited.. lol

Then pay people so you can work for them. haven't tried that one yet have you?

did you finish highschool?

Yeah, finish as in "completed"

You can work on me for free.

That desperate huh?

Just oozing with desperation. Can you not tell?

work 'on' you?! You mean 'for'

No. I mean ON me.

by working on you does that mean I could poop on your chest?

Only if you promise to eat a can of corn the night before.

Thanks for making me throw up.. the corn and poop on your chest I can take but it was the picture that killed me >.

You're too sweet

Sweet like advil :P

Double post bullshit.