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Today, I asked my dad what his plans for Friday were. Apparently, he's going to a concert with my step-mom all evening. It's been their plan for months. Friday is my birthday. That's been set since the day I was born. FML
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I don't see the issue. The concerts are only on specific days, if it was something they really wanted to see, Friday would be the only day they could go. Why can't his parents go to the concert and celebrate OPs birthday all day on the Saturday? If this was me in this situation I'd let them go to their concert and just suggest we go out for dinner the next day or any time that weekend to celebrate my birthday. And not bitch about it on FML. OP, get over it.


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Wow, that is so f'd up. How can you parent do that ? FYL

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some people love their family, and aren't douche bags like you. plus, they give you presents.

my philosophy on this is if you're old enough to know what "FML" means then you're old enough to stop crying about your parents forgetting your birthday. just go out and hang out with your friends OP.

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Meal with parents/other relatives in decent restaurant... I wouldn't want to go to the same concert as my parents...

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Hahah, how I wish my family viewed it like that. I would love to not celebrate my birthday. Instead, I argue with my family for the month prior to my birthday about how I'd like it if we didn't, and them calling me selfish and all sorts of stuff because I don't want them to waste the time and the money. And, even when I'm moved out and married here in a bit, they still insist that they'll be getting me things and taking me out to dinner and whatnot. So, you see, it's a big deal for some people. And wanting to spend some time with your family on your birthday does not seem terrible to wish for. This isn't quite an "FML" moment, but it is still sad, I think.

lol. just remind them starting like 15 days b4. that's what I do lol. anyways, how do u know there not planning u a suprise party?

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someone has a stick shoved up their ass this morning...

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maybe its a surprise party ... wait for it op

I've known what FML means since I was 8

It sucks that he seemed to forget your birthday. But just because it's your birthday doesn't mean he can't have plans of his own.

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or maybe he thinks OP is old enough to not wanna hang out with them on his/her birthday because they are old enough to make their own plans and maybe have some ******* friends to do something with. maybe OP needs to grow some balls and get a life and stop clinging onto his/her daddies hand.

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Maybe they'll take you with them! A birthday surprise YOU'LL NEVER SUSPECT!

Sorry, OP! My parents almost forgot my birthday this year; I had to remind them. Neither of them got me a gift. It happens!

take this as an initiative to have a house party.

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**** yeah. I'd binge drink and smoke so much weed that it wouldn't be funny

That's great. Birthday-Party without annoying parents and stuff^^