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Today, my dad told me he was planning to have his steady girlfriend over for dinner. He's only had a few relationships since he and my mom split up when I was very young, so I was excited to meet the woman. He then told me that I knew her already. My dad is dating my aunt on my mothers side. FML
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The sister's stuff is usually better.

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She's a ****. Why dont you get in on the action. Have some good old fashioned lesbian playtime. Just stick a finger in her ass already and get it started. Stop being a whiny bitch.

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Well OP, at least it wasn't your aunt on your father's side. Then your life would really suck.

If they get married that's gonna be really hard to explain

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I agree. Lol. "Hey, this is my aunt/mom." Weird. :

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ya that sucks, my mom is married to my uncle from my dads side. its weird to explain...

My dad married my aunt. Only it's his dead brother's widow. It's so awkward to explain to people. And my cousin is now my brother. I feel for the OP :[

Well I guess you could say at least you know the woman and know what's she's like? And hey, if it's as you say and your dad has had few relationships and he's happy then just go with it and be happy for him! Not like it's illegal or anything :)

He's a real optimist, isn't he? Look at it this way--if they get married, you can send her a card that says "Merry Christmas, Auntie Mom!"

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Dating your ex's sister doesn't work when you have kids...D:

What's wrong with that? Your mom's been gone for a long time, and they're not connected by blood or anything. I think you're overreacting.

She said her aunt on her mom's side... meaning that her dad is now dating her mom's sister. So, yes they are connected by blood. I wish people would read and think before they make comments.

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Or it could be her mom's brother's wife that they haven't divorced yet, or they have divorced but she still calls that woman "aunt".

@16, I think 12, by "they", he/she meant OP's dad and aunt aren't blood-related... you read, but you didn't really think about it . . . how ironic...

This reminds me of a movie where two women are talking about a guy they like. First one says "you can't have him, he's my nephew", to which the second replies "well, he's not MY nephew".

akvandervort, are you a retard or just a HUGE prude???? Who the heck gives a crap about whether the kids are related to the aunt or not?? The guy and her are NOT related by blood in any way, so they can f**k all they want!

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#67 The movie you are talking about is in fact a porno from the early '80s, it's at the end

I agree. It's not like its his own sister. . .

Your halfsiblings will be your halfcousins!

Her half-siblings will be her normal cousins