Nice to meet you… again

By pleaseno - 24/07/2009 00:52 - United States

Today, my mother invited me to a nice restaurant to meet her boyfriend whom she's been seriously dating for a month. Imagine my surprise when she led me to a table and my boyfriend's father stood up, shocked, to greet me. Rather than being horrified, she is now planning double dates every week. FML
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perhaps it's just a master plan to get you two to break up


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that's a nice surprise... FYL

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Seriously I don't know why this is a bad thing! At least ur mother is fkn (******) happy,you twit!!

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that's gross. if they got married you'd be with your brother.. ew.

so if both couples got married and had children and grand children in future, it will be nothing less than some sort of soap opera. May God have mercy on your future lol

just say don't wannaggo on dates with her

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omg i died laughing at this!! but fyl now its gonna be personal if uand ur bf have sex. itll get your mom mad and his dad mad and then they'll brake up and u ruined a relationship and u will be forbidden from seeing eachother not that thats gonna a stop u and now im rambling....

perhaps it's just a master plan to get you two to break up

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imagine playing who's in my mouth with them! haha fyl

Suucks-you're going to be related to your boyfriend if it works out between your mother and his father.

I'm just thinking chaotic double-wedding for some reason... :S

The same thought occurred to me, but it seemed a little too wacky 80's movie to me. That or creepy-ass deep woods hillbilly.

LOL yeah! But if they do decide to get married you and your bf should stand up and shout out "WE WERE FIRST!" ya know....just to clear it up.

gross...someone needs to break up...lets hope its your mom and not you haha

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YDI for banging your brother

I'm pretty sure that was a joke >.>

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it could just be a matter of time.... poor girl

Step-brother, Who cares? Even if she is banging him, they're not biologically related.

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i can only imagine how awkward it will be if one couple breaks up and the other stays together. or maybe it won't but still...