By Anonymous - 31/07/2009 08:05 - Poland

Today, I was at the Polish border when I found my passport was gone. I contacted the last place I stayed at and the owner said he would handle it. I reluctantly agreed as I was being charged international rates. Apparently, "taking care of it" means telling the embassy I'm retarded. FML
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allocomrade 0

well, if it took care of it.

manoverboard 0

I bet half of you disrespecting Poland don't even know where it is.


definately awesome! ha ha ha ha no FML

kosscom 0

How about I bend you over and **** you in the ass? Bitch!

allocomrade 0

well, if it took care of it.

dimkims 0

at least he didn't forget poland.

Haha that was ******* funnier than that retarded FML lol if I could I would +rep you hahah thanks for making my day

lol #4, i was gunna way that's not an FML cause at least u didnt have to go to poland

ericalew_xo 0

What's wrong with Poland? I'm almost 100% Polish. I have pride in my heritage. OP: Who cares?

But did he take care of it? I don't totally get it... Americans use that as slang for stupid, and you did leave your passport, so....

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