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why the hell do you wanna go to berlin its full of nazi german scum you better not be jewish cos when you get off the plane they will stick you straight a concentration camp or if youre unlucky just send you straight to the gas chamber. you cant trust the germans once a nazi always a nazi

  dirtyrawr  |  0

You're a dumb fuck.
Berlin is actually a very beautiful place, and I'm sorry but not all Germans were Nazi's. In fact a lot of them were assumed Jews because they weren't to of standards of the Arian race (blonde hair, blue eyes). The whole 'once a Nazi, always a Nazi' thing is pretty much pathetic. C'mon, all the old people who were once part of the political party will be no doubt very old or not alive at all and I can guarantee you there's only a few small-minded dickheads that follow Nazism.

I think you need to be a little open minded yourself because you sir, are just as bad as them for still believing all this bullshit.
Grow the hell up. ¬.¬

  karo_mit_k  |  11

#49 Thanks. There really should be more people who aren't afraid to read a book or at least go to school to get some education.
I'm German and I am NOT a Nazi. #48 If you really think every German is a Nazi just because he's German than your not better than any Nazi. They are as brainless as you are.

Back to the subject... Maybe you get something else from your husband after he got the plane tickets from you. At least he didn't forget your first anniversary!

  Plumppotato  |  3

how exactly you jumped to the conclusion of recieving toilet paper as a gift somehow says that your only good to wipe his ass i will never know. not that it isnt a shitty present. haha. see what i did there? but anyways

to the OP, no matter what he gives you it would have been pretty bad compared to what you gave him. try not to get something so good next time, makes for less disappointment for you, and less pressure for him. and maybe he forgot. maybe he just ran into the bathroom and grabbed the first thing he saw. or maybe its really nice expensive toilet paper made from silk from the butt of a rare silk bug long extinct. or maybe he forgot.


@55 I think he might have forgot their anniversary. Toilet paper might be a last ditch effort at a quick gift that can also be thought to have been planned out for humor.

  ZleveL  |  0

49 thank you for that. saying all Germans are Nazis is like saying all Muslims are terrorists, or all Americans are fat, or all british people have shark horse beaver teeth (if you can imagine that XP). it's all just stupid intolerence and it pisses me off.


  SofiaFaolan  |  8

#114- it's 120% obvious you have never been to The United States. Yes, America does have a higher obesity percentage than most countries, but it's people who make over generalized, stereotypical, non-factual statements they actually know nothing about who are the worst perpetrators of prejudice and discrimination.

  misssweetie  |  0

You're gift was a gift for both of you so don't be so upset. Tho i suppose his was too since I'm sure he wipes his ass too. But seriously....Its just a year. Thats a big deal for dating but not marraige.

  22cute  |  17

It's a bigger deal for marriage! Who are you kidding?
Op you deserve a nice gift too. Maybe he'll get you one on the trip. That would be fair. He probably thought you'd give a silly gift too.

  Jaywin  |  3

My parents have celebrated each of their anniversaries since they got married. I don't know if they ever did it with themes like "paper" though...

  snavula  |  0

#40, just because you've never heard of it doesn't mean that your assumption is right. In fact, thats one of the most retarded things I've ever heard in a train-of-logic.

Even if I think its stupid to get your hopes up on anniversaries by following lame ass themes, your explanation blew my mind as to how ignorant you can be to just make up random shit because 'you've never heard of that before'

You should apply to google university, get a degree in some common sense.

  Dude_fml  |  0

Actually, there is a whole list, from 1-year anniversary (paper) to 60 or 80 (Yew? Some kind of wood), with a lot in between. It's traditional that on the anniversary, husband and wife give each other a present made from the material. This goes from cheap-ass paper to some nice stones, metals and diamonds. If you live to have 80 years of marriage, you were allowed to make a stupid pun.

  tkdgold03  |  5

tell him to keep the toilet paper so he can wipe up his tears and semen(jacking off alone) on the trip when u refuse to have sex with him b/c of this (:

By  randomusername  |  0

Well you're married... so when you buy him a gift, not only is it also a gift for yourself, but it's half his money anyway. Keep being petty and see how many more anniversaries you make it to.

  CrazyMuffin  |  0

How do you know it's half his money? I'm definitely keeping my own savings when I get married. My mother has the joint account and her own money so she can do whatever she wants with it.