By Anonymous - 23/08/2012 21:40 - Ireland - Kilkelly

Today, my dad introduced me to my half-sister. He'd only recently found out that he had another daughter by another woman, and had only just met her. She and I have been in the same class in school for the past three years. FML
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_dont_fml_ 1

hopefully you didn't have a crush on her before

mintcar 9

Well, now it shouldn't be too awkward when you want to copy each other's homework.


mintcar 9

Well, now it shouldn't be too awkward when you want to copy each other's homework.

Aside from the fact that your dad was probably promiscuous, which people nowadays don't consider bad, I don't see what the FML is. Knowing that you have another sibling (unless it's someone you hate, and this wasn't implied) is a pretty positive thing!

Wait...the daughter is in your class or the mother? Be more specific!

_dont_fml_ 1

hopefully you didn't have a crush on her before

What would suck for him is if she was his girlfriend.

TwinBlades 0

It's not a guy though so he can't have a crush on her but she could.

You don't know that... And regardless she/he still could.

Actually you can infer that OP is in fact a woman by: "had another daughter". Still iffy, but strong evidence. And it's a easy thing to miss.

Amanyyyyyy 29

Or OP has a sister he/she grew up with, in which case "another daughter" would fit just as well.

I hate when I find out about siblings I didn't know I had.

007type 26

Does it happen often? You have one playa father.

I would 't be surprised if I found out, because nobody knows who my biological father is...

I recently found my half sister, and between us we figured out that there could be 9 of us all together...our dad refuses to acknowledge any existence but hers

RedPillSucks 31

And you're also from Ireland. You could be related to OP...

Lol doubtful. She is from mayo and I live in northern Ireland. My dad wasn't that much of a ****...or maybe he was... Either way he is a wanker

lilmisslovely13 15

My mom just found two new cousins, both from the same man

mizuki123 8

My half sister found my family a few years back. I wished my dad would of told me about her.

That just goes to show how bad of a stalker you are.

How did you get that conclusion from discovering your classmate is your half-sister?

ryry013 6

So when you stalk someone, you make sure to go through their legal records?

Sootie247 12

Well at least you know each other;-) This will make a good story to tell your children in a couple of years! Lets hope you get on

abwildrose 4

They can still have kids through different means if they want to.

I'm a little more put off over the fact that OP's dad was sleeping with two women at the same time. (He had to be considering they're close enough in age to be in the same class). So now it's even double the awkwardness!

I've been in classes with people twice my age, it could be college or some other tertiary education.

This FML would be so much better if it ended with "shes been my girlfriend for 3 weeks".

shrdlu 28

What, and have something fictitious on FML?

I believe your hiding the full truth too this story because wouldn't you be excited to know you have a half sister. If you already conceived a baby with her I hear if you let the labs prove that you actually had a youngin with your kinfolk then you get an automatic passport and 1 acre to set up ypur double wide trailer in any town in Alabama. And ar named that years Kin and Kueen at that years fall Kinfolk Klassic Karnival. Where it's tradition to kincieve your second yungin in the porta potty goodluck and keep it kin

AnthonyWheeler15 24

Get to know her! Be a good sibling. Everyone deserves a chance

LittleGreenPaola 23

I agree. It's not your fault or hers, so it could be nice to know each other. You both had a bad father.

Oh well, these things happen I guess. When I was at school, I was great friends with this guy and we had Art class together. We later (about 2 or so years later) found out that we were first cousins! It was awesome. :D