By Beefballs - 29/07/2009 06:22 - Canada

Today, I just found out my dad got remarried a year ago. The woman is officially living with us, I got to have lunch with her alone today. I found out she is only 22, with a 14 year old little brother. My dad's 47. I'm 17, now with a 14 year old uncle and a mom that can pass for my girlfriend. FML
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Sucks for you...go find yourself an older woman and show her to your dad lol

Marry her mom so you could be your own Grampa


Sucks for you...go find yourself an older woman and show her to your dad lol

Better yet. Steal her from him. "Hey, Dad. Yoink!"

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WAHAHAHAHAHA. Nice, 5. OP, think positive: She's definitely a MILF, now!

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i wonder how the sex will be when he hits 50. shes gunna end up fucking his son.

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YDI for being a hillbilly.

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Has this woman been living with you for a year and you JUST now figured out that they are married? I don't understand

@57: I have some family members marriages where the woman is quite younger than the man. The men and women that do this are too retarded to think that far ahead; the woman bitches because she still wants to have fun (whether that means the bed or going out), the man bitches because he's too tired. That being said, I have an aunt a year older than me. My grandfather was a player, and now he's a lonely old man.

This so so fake.. are you telling me this woman got knocked up when she was 7 and had her baby when she was 8? No way she has a 14 yr old child.

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#124 - it said she had a 14 year old brother not a 14 year old son.

Yeah, you seriously need to learn how to read 124.

Fuck you redneck. To the OP, shitty. So shitty.

#5 is epic win hiluh

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Wouldn't that be your step brother, not uncle.?

sammy18f 9're an idiot.

These relationship ones are always funny, especially with age differences.

too many numbers to be a good fml.

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Too little brain cells to understand humor?

Definitely FYL dude..

Nah he can totally hang out with her friends and get some on the easy, not an FML at all just a new opportunity

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#58, i whole-heartedly agree

wow I never thought if it that way #58. That is indeed an epic win. Either that or just fuck your 'mom'.

That might turn into an epic WINcest!

#102 is fucking hilarious! I laughed my lungs out!

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It's so funny how little boys always think they'll get laid so easily just because a girl is around.

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wow. i think shes a gold digger. why? BECAUSE 22 YEAR OLDS DONT MARRY 47 YEAR OLDS. HES OLD ENOUGH TO BE HER DAD!

You need to get out there more. There are lots of early 20's marrying late 40's... It's not always for money.

Yes it is or they are incredibly stupid

no, not at all actually

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thats the case most of the time.

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Eh its hard to say. She COULD be in love with him but its probably for the security. Cuz older men tend to have better job and financial security than younger men.

There ARE some really good looking older men. Look at Johnny Depp, he's 47 and I would marry him in a second on looks alone.

Johnny depp is 48(:

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Your dad = win. As long as there's no crazy stuff going on, I do not see a problem. Sorry though, that's gotta be a bit rough to explain.

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Whoa. That's pretty messed up. FYL big time....

I think you should steal your dad's wife

I agree, kudos for the dad. Either he has enough money to "attract" young women, or he is in good enough shape to genuinely attract them.

Plus, he's shallow enough to get a trophy wife. Winner dad all around!

Yeah, or he just doesn't want to raise some 35 year old divorcee's kids.

oh man, that's terrible