By Anonymous - 01/09/2013 16:34 - United States - Washington

Today, my girlfriend tried to get me to wear curly wig, so I could pretend to be Harry Styles in bed. FML
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Well, that is one direction you could go!


LazyKoala 9

You'd be surprised by how many older girls are obessed with 1D. My 20 year old cousin tries to go to all their concerts and knows personal details about all of them O.O

I don't think only 12 year old are fans of 1D. It's Like saying only kids play video games, or only gay guys watch My Little Pony. It's rude and not true.

22, If this is what you think calls for a breakup, I fear for any girl that might be interested in you in the future.

I think it's time to sit her down and have a very serious talk with her!

Nintendo has vast curb appeal because their games can be played for indefinitely, and I do apologize about the 12 year old girl thing, I only said that because most of the 1D fans I know are 12 year old girls

Talis99 26

Thumbing you down just for that childishness.

Agreed, if she's that much into 1D she shouldn't be allowed to have sex yet

By what standards? So I can prohibit you from having sex because you like number lines?

Well, that is one direction you could go!

JocelynKaulitz 28

One direction gone a little too far…

Is that the type of hairy style she wants you to have?

Um. Everyone has their fetish, I suppose. Have fun with it?

Some fetishes are greater than others. This fetish is in the same category as a bodybuilder in a female ballerina costume. Gross.

Lol. I know it says "tried" , but did you do it at the end ?

dstamm2 10

Dude just wear the wig so you can f**k her

well I would presume this wasn't a make or break situation and she still had sex with him...

Some people don't need to go to such desperate lengths to get laid.