By julia - 01/12/2012 01:02 - United States - Downers Grove

Today, as part of my job as a swimming instructor, I had to help a teenage boy learn how to float. This involves supporting the person's back as they try to float. His boner stood straight up. FML
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MrClean17 15

He was probably even more embarrassed than you were


Luckily for the boy, and everyone else into the pool, the wood floating was merely a plank, and not a log.

Wow, a redefinition of planking, having an obvious boner at incredibly awkward moments...MAKE IT HAPPEN INTERNET!

ozone9914 2

i saw that happening at my the same day this was posted

AlexM42 5

A first comment that actually adds value to the conversation?! How can this be?

I hate piggybackers whose comments are irrelevant to the comment they're replying to >:/

@19. Actually an awkward boner site does exist.

Toasty283 8

I was gonna say drift wood...

"Every summer from then on, she looked down on him, and smiled." Awesome ass movie. Funny now that was the first thing that jumped to my head too

Oiling and lotioning, lotioning and oiling....I cant take it anymore!

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"Did you plan that?" "Course! I've been planning that for years!"

Idiotsspoutcrap 6

I think that girls should take it as an compliment when they are attractive enough to give a person am erection

RvidxrKlvn 8

A lamp could give a teenage boy an erection.

Not a compliment when your an adult and they are a teen, and they are your student. Pretty awkward. 🙄

MrClean17 15

He was probably even more embarrassed than you were

I would be. Unless OP and the boy are around the same age. ;) haha

ryry013 6

So you're saying if youre fifteen, and your fifteen year old friend was holding you up in the water and you got a boner, you wouldn't be embarrassed? What is it about when they get older to cause someone to supposedly forget why it happens ?

He's doing a submarine impersonation. His erection is his para scope.

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Mister_Triangle 21

Life is a question. Death is the only answer.

75 - Honestly, nobody cares if you're ******* a person named Weirdo.

^They may take a look if it is a whale though.

Periscope. Perioral dermatitis. Peri-, a prefix meaning "around". Periscopes look around, perioral dermatitis is a rash without many known causes around the mouth. Paradox, paralyze. Para-, a totally different prefix.

Did he try to hide it? Or was he proud of it?

bettykooler 7

Yeah really! Lol you'd think he'd refuse to swim till it went away!.. Geez if he was proud if it I'd pay to see a picture of his face. Probably looked like 16's profile picture.. Hahaha ohh poor poor guy!!

Refuse to swim away from an embarrassing situation? I'd be using it as a propeller if it was me.

I could only imagine how embarrassing it was for him. Now in his mind he's thinking "Now I'll never have a chance with her!" even though he never did. It always goes the way you want it in your mind.