By julia - United States - Downers Grove
  Today, as part of my job as a swimming instructor, I had to help a teenage boy learn how to float. This involves supporting the person's back as they try to float. His boner stood straight up. FML
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  ryry013  |  6

So you're saying if youre fifteen, and your fifteen year old friend was holding you up in the water and you got a boner, you wouldn't be embarrassed?

What is it about when they get older to cause someone to supposedly forget why it happens ?

  AwesomePdudE  |  9

Periscope. Perioral dermatitis. Peri-, a prefix meaning "around". Periscopes look around, perioral dermatitis is a rash without many known causes around the mouth.

Paradox, paralyze. Para-, a totally different prefix.

  bettykooler  |  7

Yeah really! Lol you'd think he'd refuse to swim till it went away!.. Geez if he was proud if it I'd pay to see a picture of his face. Probably looked like 16's profile picture.. Hahaha ohh poor poor guy!!

By  MrSassypants  |  32

I could only imagine how embarrassing it was for him. Now in his mind he's thinking "Now I'll never have a chance with her!" even though he never did. It always goes the way you want it in your mind.