By Yoooooo0 - 29/11/2009 18:10 - United States

Today, my dad and mom and I were going out to eat dinner. My dad wanted a romantic dinner just with my mom so he told me to make an excuse not to go. I did, which ended up as a huge fight, grounded and phone taken away. My dad just stood there in the background putting thumbs up. FML
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What the hell did you say to have that happen?


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hes not a douche, he was first. you're a douche cause you're not first

It's SECOND you FNG _____________________________

people who post "first" just for the sake of being first are douche bag forum trolls

I agree with #42. And the fact that you didn't understand that is a little... interesting.

Wow you ******* deserve it learn to stand up for yourself and don't let your parents just take your shit like that. "Well that's what my father told me to say" would've been enough to get yourself out of that situation.

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I believe the Pleb was being sarcastic in that he was imitating the people who post "first" and "second". btw, IMO, the "first" people are annoying, but those that make such a big deal about it are almost, or more annoying. as well as those nitpicking grammar nazis. that is all.

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Hopefully your Dad told your Mom and your not grounded anymore...but if I were the Dad I would have let the Mom yell at you then started laughing and tell her her to calm the hell down!

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do you want a medal or something?!

#62 seriously? in what world is it completely acceptable for a child to tell the parent off but NOT acceptable for a parent to punish that child?? I'm sure the Dad will tell the Mom and fix it...

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My advice is you "accidentally" let the plan slip.

I'm not going to say a number, but my tip is, explain it to your mom and let your dad get grounded instead btw, 5th

Should've just told the truth. Screw your dad. Why couldn't he just tell your mom he wanted it to just be the two of them?

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What the hell did you say to have that happen?

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Probably nothing much, just his mom blew up and probably wanted like a "Family dinner" blah blah "your always locked up in your room" blah "you never go out" Blah. Something to that effect. Though now that I say it, grounding wouldn't be the solution to that....

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YDI for being so pathetic that you let your Mom take your phone and ground you.

Omg lol South Park moment Butters the Vampire. "How can you ground that which is ungroundable?"

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#9 do you even know how dumb you sound?

And the best part is, now while you're bored in your room grounded, you can think about the fact that you helped your dad get laid! If you're lucky, you might even hear it.