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Ive done that. I peed on a girl in the process

I did that before


Ive done that. I peed on a girl in the process

I pee'd on my hubby... but I was like 10 months pregnant... and let's be honest... pregnant ladies have an excuse... But in all honesty, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't at least been uber close to peeing the bed. Those dreams can be a Bitch...

Since when are women 10 months pregnant? Did I miss something?

I thought it was only 9

It can go over sometimes but it's generally 9 months

I went a month over with my second... that makes ten months... and my belly was so big that I felt like a beached whale... from about 6 months pregnant...

she is actually correct whilst I was pregnant I realised 40 weeks is 10 months you don't usually count the month of conception that's why it's known as 9 months.

Yeahhh it's possible 10 months pregnant right now.

kofinater 3

I have a key dream when I need to pee and if i don't wake up immediately. I'm always in a infinitely huge white room with one white toilet that I'm peeing on. Before i was like 7 i couldn't recognize that dream from reality

40 weeks is ten months.

hey acousticpixie, not 2 be sexist but ur the first girl I've heard if that plays Magic the Gathering. it's cool though!

I get that a lot. I also play WoW >.< I'm a bit of a geek...

I did that before

Lol I've done that as well. FYL OP

I still do that, it helps if u use the restroom before you got to sleep and don't get a drink for the rest of the night

story of my life.

bin there bro.

thats a creepy ass pic. shark with a cathead. tuna fish

omg ur soo hot

Holy shit 4 ur picture is fucked! so creepy... Lol

I did that once

At least you only pissed yourself, it could be worse. What if your dream had consisted of you taking a massive dump?

Haha! I have dreams like that xD When I "wake up" and get ready for school! xD But FYL!

the only way your dream would be similar is if you woke up and were actually ready for school. other than that, it's just a dream, which everyone has and in no way makes you special.

That would be creepy if she woke up ready for school lol

I've done that before. But I sleepwalk a lot so...not too weird for me.

36 I never said that makes me special. And that would be cool if I woke up ready. :D

I completely sympathize, OP. Judging from the comments, though, you're not alone, so there is that.

yeah, I've totally done that too.

Not the first guy to be pissed off when they woke up.