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Today, my dad grounded me for swearing, after I read a funny comment on Youtube to my sister. The supposed swear word? "YOLO." FML
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As far as I'm concerned, that is a swear word. Lol

Saying yolo is worse than saying a swear word.


hannahsnyder69 16

Thats it, your grounded from commenting on FMLs.

Ugh and here I thought the only people who said it were obnoxious drunk white girls and guidos....

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27- c"uppycakeslove" should be along shortly...

Pwn17 25

Since it seems to be gone now, let me specify that my comment (44) was a reply to a deleted comment. (29)

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I don't understand how my comment got hidden how was it that negative and watch this one will too

132, it got lots of thumbs down because you said "YOLO"

132: read 2's comment and thou shalt learneth.

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As far as I'm concerned, that is a swear word. Lol

friedpwnadge 25

Yep. **** = regular word. "Yolo" = terrible. On a side note : yolo autocorrects to "tool" on my iPhone. I never knew that. Had to share.

Zimmington 21

I love when people criticize the stupid sayings young people have like their generation didn't have any.

She could have thought it was funny in a ridiculous sort of way. As in, the person who wrote 'yolo' was such an idiot that it was hilarious.

DKjazz 20

Yolo= Young Oriental Lesbian Orgy. Shame on you for saying that in front of your sister.

And you see no irony in saying that while also using netspeak?

#102 Seriously. And many are criticizing YOLO while saying wtf and LOL, while on a site called FML.

we kinda didn't have ones like yolo, which is basically saying that death is just fine with you because you only go through the pain once, then it's over. at one point, swag came around. but it was, and I'm pretty sure it still is, an acronym meaning 'secretly we are gay.' I'm sure it still means this because it was brought back by Justin Bieber. not surprisingly, people think it's cool to say it, but refuse to accept the origin because being gay is 'not cool' these days. that's one sign of no respect. I'm sure some of you just learned a lesson here and please. don't be a swag fag

Zimmington 21

114- I don't use it but, You are interpreting YOLO completely wrong it's supposed to mean to chase your dreams, live your life how you want, be happy, because you only get one and when it's over you can't go back. Given that a lot of idiots use as an excuse to do dumb shit. Swag on the other hand I hate. It was NOT brought back by Justin Beiber! Justin started saying 'Swaggy' after all his hip-hop friends started saying swag which is equally annoying as his music.

puffleprincess 7

Just to let you know: many people find being referred to as 'oriental' offensive. People are Asian, objects like rugs and furniture are oriental. I hope this doesn't come off sounding bitchy, I'm genuinely just trying to spread the knowledge so people can get along better! All the best. (:

puffleprincess 7

144-lmao! 'Swag' is not an acronym. It comes from the word 'swagger,' which is an actual word & has been for a long time. Look it up. Was that comment supposed to be funny? Or "ironic?" Because I find a lot of hypocrisy in you pointing out people having 'no respect' and then using the word 'fag.'

Yolo is just as bad, if not worse than a swear

I think the worst part of the FML is that OP thinks a YouTube comment containing the word YOLO was funny.

Yakostovian 18

The OP could have said worse. He could have unironocally said "Swag."

You totally deserve it because YOLO is Carpe Diem for retards.

Saying yolo is worse than saying a swear word.

how many times are people gonna say this same statement!!!!! lol

Until these children grow a pair and start yo think for themselves

It's become a very popular word, and gained a lot of media. Which is why your father thought it was a swear word.

It's a sad day indeed when the genius that is the Joker becomes captain obvious. Saaad day :(

What the YOLO is wrong with you joker?

The word "the" is also quite popular, with people saying it all the time. Is that a new swear word as well?

You deserve it for saying that, worse than any swear words

But he only read it from a YouTube comment, we don't know if he's a "swag fag" or not.

The person was just reading a comment that had the word in it. Its not like they said it on their own, and even if they did, they would not deserve to be grounded for it.

@80. Yes they do. Anyone using either of the two terms should have the maximum legal parental discipline. And the type that liberals don't like.

YOLO should be banned from all human vocabulary

HeadlessSparrow 20

"like" is also a parasite on the English language. Like, you know?

True, but like is an actual word. So that in itself holds it in a higher regard than YOLO or swag (at least in my mind)

While we're throwing away words, let's also get rid of hashtag.

These are all reasons you should elect me Supreme World Dictator of Everything. I promise to outlaw these acursed words and use "enhanced interrogation" methods on the fools who use them!

Am I the only one who doesn't see what's wrong with these words? I mean, yeah they're annoying, but they're ultimately just words, they don't really harm anything...

HeadlessSparrow 20

This is his house, he can ground you if he wants to *in the tune of We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus*

That automatically played in my head to the tune of Lesley Gore's "It's My Party." I'll just go back to my rocker, where I can soak my dentures and yell at the kids to get off my lawn now.

aedan12 15

It's okay 95, I thought that too. *pulls up rocking chair*

It's my party I can swear if I want to I can leave all swag behind Cause my friends don't swag And if they do swag Well, they're no friends of mine

olpally 32

And here we can observe someone with the mental capacity to think YOLO is acceptable.

olpally 32

Get the **** over it and stop being so sensitive to the "r" word. YOLO I don't find acceptable at all. Stop being a judgmental asshole.

olpally 32

And here we observe someone taking a comment too personally^^ idiot. Not directed at anyone except the op. way to sound condescending. I realize I am also, but still, chill the **** out. I never said yolo was acceptable.

olpally 32

It's the internet, this is exactly what I mean in my profile. Stop being so damn sensitive about the comments, I understand it was bad, but good god, don't get your panties in a wad like your virgin ears haven't heard that word before. No one's perfect.

Ins0mau 20

I love the irony in 9's comments here. It's hilarious.

olpally 32

I'm being sensitive also. Yeah, I don't care. Eat shit. I'm not perfect and i know it. **** off.

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Ugh. Can we please stop using the word "retarded?" It makes YOU look stupid for not having a better vocabulary. It's not a swear word, it's just the wrong choice of word.

graceinsheepwear 33

Yes, the correct way to word that comment would be "That's just differently abled...Wtf?"

121- Differently abled? More like mentally disabled. You are such a retard.

OP give your dad a high five for me. Thanks.