You've got a friend

By no one - 21/05/2011 09:07 - United States

Today, I woke up to a mosquito feeding on my morning wood; probably the only thing that will ever suck my penis. FML
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goldered 2

Stop bragging on fml. It's inconsiderate of other people who get no action.

hey! at least something sucking it ;)


hey! at least something sucking it ;)

cwmbear 0

lol. Nice one

raider27 7

So Uh.... did u let it continue?

futtbuck101 1

that sucks

An erection is the penis becoming engorged with blood. so If the mosquito was sucking his blood out how did he keep the erection?

suck it up, literally.

a_nutritionist 10

@91 because mosquitos arent the size of a dog...

If you see a female mosquito big enough to suck all the blood out of even the tiniest little tadger when hard, you've probably travelled back into the Jurassic period.

kruzito 0

how much did it charge?

would have to be a huge mosquito or a very tiny penis for the amount of blood a mosquito takes to have any effect at all

Well that'll be fun to scratch later on...

tobby16 0

good question

MagicGiraffe 12

Consider yourself lucky, coulda been a tick

hatemylife45 9

You are retarded!

chopsuey310 0

haha i get it!!!

I honestly can not stop laughing.

cbdee 8

You know he did!

goldered 2

Stop bragging on fml. It's inconsiderate of other people who get no action.

this fml was only kinda funny, your comment however was brilliant ^_^ thankiiis

CityCunt 0

#3 that was epic. lmao

cwmbear 0

I know what you mean...

doubleodoggy 0

you're just jealous that he'll get extra masturbation time when he's scratching the mosquito bite on his d*ck.

mygreenhoodie 0

dear penthouse...

lmao!! and 169, I have ur pic!!! lmao

michelleissexy 0


jordanalexis97 0

Atleast you can say that you were sucked this morning.

i_like_girls 0

yeah he could,but then look like a jackass when asked who sucked him...

... or how much it cost him

damn that's gonna itch all day . well it will make your dick look larger , if you know what I mean :)

Autoshot 9

It's more likely that people will think he has crabs if they see him scratching at his crotch through his pants all day.

not missing out on much? obviously this guy doesn't know what he's talking about.... hmmmm

...shit just got weird

I didn't know mosquito's were able to do that...Well, you could better start to wear pants now.

lolrofl69 0

flying spageti monster XD

blondebrunette11 4

come to think about it...ur profile pic looks like a mosquito....Whats going on?

178 hahaha very good, your faith is strong, sighting him and all.

you forgot your mother

^_^ a 'your mom' joke, how original

What are you 8 years old?

excuse I'm meant that to be sarcastic . I'm sorry if that wasn't clear.

lols oopsiiis I erred ^_^ (HOORAY for sarcasm & the occasional confusion it brings) forgive?

btnhdude 0

yo momma's so easy, a caveman could do her.

#160 do what your pic says.

xxsarahfxx 6

Well at least It's better than nothing!

ouch, did u smack it?

imagine if it flew away and he went full force on it :)

jaidonsafira 0

there's a skeeter my his peter flick it off.

I'm sure he smacked it repeatedly ;-D