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Today, I took my daughter to the zoo. I threw a piece of my sandwich towards a very cute chimpanzee. As a thank you, he threw a piece of crap at me, which exploded all over my shirt. FML
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There's a reason the signs say 'Don't feed the animals'.

MissGreenT 0

guess you could say you had a shitty day? FYL


There's a reason the signs say 'Don't feed the animals'.

True. But as #27 said, it looks like the OP is too stupid to follow simple rules. They're there for more than pretty decoration, ya' know?

crap for a crappy sandwich. what did you expect anyway?

jimjimson 0

What does OP mean?

OP means that the chimpanzee threw a troll at him.

turd sandwich? Anyway... it must have been opposite day =P

There needs to be an fml guide to abreviations because this question gets asked way too often...

what does the abbreviation OP mean?!

that's when the shit hit the man

OP stands for "ornemental penis". I thought everyone knew that.

How do you know it was a thank you? It could've been a "Your sandwitch sucks! This tastes better!" *Throws exploding crap*

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Haha! That's the first thing I thought of when I read this too:D Also no one has actually explained what OP means yet :(

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lol epic fail

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guess you could say you had a shitty day? FYL

lol XD You took the words out of my mouth mate. :)

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aw, I lol'd

hahaha OWNED

"Thanks, I can make good use of that... here's one I made earlier *fling*"

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can you say free souvenier?

u spelled souvenir wrong

You spelled YOU wrong.

sarcdude 3

You spelled nothing wrong.

They didn't spell "nothing".

#64 - intelligence FAIL. It was a joke! A pretty clever one at that.

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he didn't like the sammich :(

Monkeys are horribly evil creatures

you totally deserve it, what kind of example r u giving to ur daughter??? next time READ the signs, the animals don't know if u r trying to be nice or rude to them they just react to whatever happens u threw something to them they r going to deffend themselves by throwing something too...

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You must have ignored the signs, then, right?