By skmusic - Canada
Today, the phone rang so I went to answer it. No one was there. A minute later the phone rang again and no one answered so I assumed it was a telemarketer or a prank so I started swearing uncontrollably in rage. Turns out it was my crush calling to ask me out, but she was too nervous to ask. FML
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By  Sens_fan9  |  0

Well now you know it was your crush, so how about you ask them out? At least now you know they like you. Just tell them the truth and what happened.

Oh, lol, I would also scream after 2 calls. I don't blame you. But yea, I say FYL.

By  nomadxx7  |  0

YDI... for one their phone could be fubared. Best is to say, "I can't hear you please call back" then hang up. If they keep calling forever grab the number. Call them back and say "I'd like to talk but I can't hear you or speak up." Don't judge because it made you look like an ass.