By peterpan - 23/02/2010 12:54 - Germany

Today, I was making schnitzel at our kitchen so I had to get rid of all the oil. So I decided it would be best to put the hot pan on our porch so the oil would cool down and then I could get rid of it. Unfortunately the ground is sealed with tar, so the tar melted and now the pan is stuck to the ground. FML
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Hows about you just heat it up again and lift it off?

why didnt you just leave it on the stove?


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now u have a built in dog bowl or tricker treat bowl the glass is half fool

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just get oil hot in another pan put it I'm the pan in the ground then pull it up.

wow. your right your life is definatly f*cked. have you tried suicide because there is no pointbin living now.

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why the hell would you put a pan out on the porch to cool and why was there tar on your porch

Put dry ice on it for a few minutes. That'll refreeze the tar and you'll be able to dislodge it. You're welcome.

that's awesome.... cook eggs when it gets hot outside

Pan on the ground, pan on the ground, lookin like a fool with your pan on the ground.

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why do you live in Germany? NAZI!!!

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at 81, where else would he have put it??

uhm why are you such a retard?? wow love some peoples stupidity. id like to punch you in your face. really.

this is exactly why men should stay out of the kitchen and just let us handle it.

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Because of course, no woman has /ever/ made a cooking mistake.

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female fail kiki, unless it was a sarcastic twist on all the inevitable sexlst comments. but I doubt that.

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you say that now, but when your having to cook all day for your family, you'll be complaining then.

Malinkrot 3

Cthulu is The Person Who Cant Take a Joke of the Day! That guy at work who has a hissy fit if you joke around with him! The guy at school who no one bothers to tell a funny story because he never "gets it"!

How is it a female fail, she's got grooms lined up around the block. And yes, it was irony, dumbass.

#9, if it was a fml about a woman backing her car into a tree, inevitably there would be comments made by men about female drivers. the double standard is where the REAL sexism hides. yes, it was irony, but if you're not smart enough to understand that in the first place i doubt you'd understand any further explanation i could offer you. i'll just let that one go

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All the guys here who are bitching about a little joke are the kind who get rejected by females all the time in real life (for either acting creepy or weird) and then come on the internet to whine about women and feel better about themselves. So don't worry too much, #3 and #23, because the guys who try to be badasses here are the pathetic loners in real life.

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On a related note is Kiki 18 ? I can't check on my phone and if so... Hot. if not, I didn't say anything..

too bad all the great chefs in the world are male. you women even suck at what you're genetically prediposed to be good at.

sorry last one was sumbited to early I ment to say your hot but an avrage bitch,if u were in the kitchen all day like u claim girls should you'd say it's shovenistic that u just cook n cry how u don't have a career n u gave up your old career just for that n u feel unapriciated then divorce your husband n take half he's things

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@Sasonzall - Wow. you have issues you need to work out. I'm just saying...

Not all men, but yes most. There is a reason for chauvenistic keep the women in the kitchen sayings!

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Hows about you just heat it up again and lift it off?

because the oil will most likely go flying and burn OP's face.. why don't you help him with that?

Blue_Coconuts 7

That's why you remove the oil first. be it shop vac, or turkey baster, there is a way to do it.

I agree, men belong behind the wheel. and lullllllllllllllllllllllll is all I have to say

I was listening to green day when I read your comment!!!!

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This is why only WOMEN should be in the kitchen, making me a sandwich ;[

make o own damn sammich foo! lolerrrz larry:MAKE ME A SAMMICH HARRIOT!! harriot:GET UR LAZY BUTT OFF THE COUCH N MAKE UR OWN SAMMICH!! larry:I DONT KNOW HOW! harriot:O OK SUX FOR U CUZ IM LEAVIN U FOR A MAN WIT A JOB BYE LARRY!!!! larry:WAT harriot:(slams door) larry:hello?...helloooooo?

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why didnt you just leave it on the stove?

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You don't spell correctly alot...