By Anonymous - 14/04/2014 03:17 - United States

Today, I was talking dirty with my husband over the phone while he was out of town. I started to verbally act out his fantasy and got quite into it. I was returned with silence. Embarrassed, I tried to hang up. Turns out the call had already been dropped, five minutes prior. FML
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FranklySpeaking 11

Call him back and resume the sexy talk. Since he missed out on some of it, you can do it even better this time.

Capitan 15

At least you got some good practice in.


Rothris 17

that's to bad.

People will write anything just to get the #1 comment. "That's to bad"? Could you sound any more bored?

If only there were a button to display your condolences toward OP...

iOceanus 18

#34 Slowpoke: "Hey, did you guys hear about this cool new site called FML?"

It's called sarcasm

iOceanus 18

I think people missed the fact that I was adding to 34's sarcasm, or they just didn't like my comment.

You weren't adding to it. You were criticizing it. And you sounded like a retard who doesn't understand sarcasm.

iOceanus 18

64: Please explain to me how I was criticizing it and how I "sounded like a retard who doesn't understand sarcasm."

Capitan 15

At least you got some good practice in.

Practice?! OP is clearly a pro. It seems what happened is that the NSA operative listening in on the call got so turned on he had to disengage.

FranklySpeaking 11

Call him back and resume the sexy talk. Since he missed out on some of it, you can do it even better this time.

iOceanus 18

Your profile pic is fabulous.

tayymeds 23


Not twitch... Doesn't apply here ( for those who don't know)

ea247 20

Oh man don't feel bad though OP I'm sure your husband dose like the fantasy you where describing maybe try calling him later and try again ;)

iOceanus 18

I think you missed the part where her husband didn't hear the fantasy description because the call dropped 5 minutes prior to her realization. Just sayin.

"His fantasy" and it took you that long to notice...

Ouch. At least you didn't get accidentally connected to the operator or something...

Hopefully he heard enough to get himself off. It's a bit of a confidence boost if you both think that isn't it? Good on you for trying op

What about OP? Does she not have the right to get herself off? Or is her husband the only one that's important?

I dont think she meant her comment in a sexist way. Really getting sick of people who immediately jump to the "sexist and misogynist" conclusion.

Did I call them "sexist" or "misogynist"? No. However, I am pointing out that the comment DID only mention OP's husband and both people should get off.

In what way can you assume I meant only him get himself off? I'm not a feminist but I'm also not a sexist. Seriously, don't be so quick to jump down people's throats and assume the worst of them.

iOceanus 18

30: You're reaching for implications that aren't even there.

smc3106 25

I bet I know which person is single!(#30) Lol

#26: Since the OP was talking dirty to her husband, it's fair to assume that her goal was to get him off. She never mentioned her own satisfaction, so it's not relevant to this discussion.

Sounds at least like you have a spicy sex life... Pick up the conversation again tomorrow night!

catkat1988 17

Oh, that sucks, but the way I'm reading your story, it's likely that the connection was lost by accident - either due to problems with the network or because either of you accidently pressed a button to end the call, or possibly because his phone ran of out battery. Wasted effort, sure, but probably nothing to be embarrassed or lose confidence over.