By veiny - 21/04/2015 13:48 - United States - Kingsport

Today, my nurse girlfriend told me she's more attracted to the veins in my arm than any other part of me. FML
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Well.... at least she's not attracted to someone else

That's a weird thing to say. What makes your veins different from everyone else's?


That's a weird thing to say. What makes your veins different from everyone else's?

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I'd be careful, your gf could be the next Amanda from Saw...

Op probably has a low body fat % wich makes his veins more visible then usual.

I have an extremely shallow vein in my left arm, and I've been told more than once by nurses and doctors that they'd love to have more patients like me. So maybe OP's SO longs more for veiny patients than for OP?

That's called nurseporn. A lot of people in the medical field find themselves looking at people's veins. Good veins are earlier to stick with a needle for an IV

#46. You are exactly correct. I'm a nurse and always notice good veins. Nurses do talk about them. ....... Nurse ****. Love it.

I am also a nurse. I love my boyfriends veins and often palpate them without realizing. It's often difficult for people to start IVs and it's easier for the nurse and patient if they have nice veins. It means I have to take less time especially in an emergency and the person won't need to be stuck multiple times.

Having worked with phlebotomists and training to be one this summer, I learned to truly appreciate veins. Some are just much easier to stick, and you're always on the lookout for those (even when you're out of work). Veins sort of become something you always start to notice

Veins that are visibly palpable are usually from muscular, lean men. You usually don't see such veins in the fluffier population. It's definitely a compliment - in a weird, nursey way.

I'm not a nurse or anything, but I've always been attracted to the veins bulging in a guys forearm and biceps. I think because they're usually more pronounced in a muscular guys body maybe. I used to press by ex boyfriends veins when just sitting with him. Not sure what it is, but it's definitely attractive!

Well.... at least she's not attracted to someone else

Yeah. you better be careful OP. Could wake up with her trying to draw blood.

My mother was weird about veins too. She saw and had to poke so many in a day that she couldn't help but "compliment" others when she saw especially nice looking veins!

My mothers a nurse and is the exact same! She loves the big veins because they are so good to start IV's and stuff!

As someone with bigass veins in my arms and mild trypanophobia I get "complimented" on them all the time. Despite having massive veins for the vampires to latch on to, I still managed to get someone who didn't know what they were doing when putting in an IV for a surgery last year...I passed out :( I'm not sure where I was going with this, just thought I'd share. :)

I'm a nurse and I SO can relate! My husband has looked over at me countless times while we were watching TV because I'd be unconsciously palpating his beautiful veins. But then, I start probably 20 IVs each day.

talk about being vain!

Well now you know she's secretly a vampire. Watch out for extra long teeth and sentences such as "I want to suck your blood."

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Take what you can get right?

At least she is attracted to you.

Lol atleast she's attracted to something that is part of you.

sounds like you should constantly flexing when your around her

are you vascular? Maybe she's trying to say that she likes that you have a low body fat, which is evident by your vascular arms. Hardly "fml" worthy