By whyme27 - 06/06/2012 01:19 - United States - South Bend

Today, I was talking on the phone to my crush so I went into the bathroom for some privacy. My drunk mother started banging on the door, asking what I was doing in there. I told her that I was on the phone, so she yelled super loud, "While you're shitting?" He immediately hung up. FML
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Drunk mothers say the darndest things :p but that was really immature of him to hang up without letting you explain yourself

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I would have just laughed if I were him.


So true. My mom does this sort of thing soberly.

Well going into the bathroom seems like an odd choice really. Drunk people need those quite frequently. But FYL OP. gotta love those drunk Momas. Haha.

EShe might share her bedroom, not have a door, the door may not close or lock...personally, I go in the basement for privacy. (My bedroom door neither closes nor locks.)

Idk how this FML. Had anything to do with trolling but I wanted to use that pun (: heh.

15, I have as much as an idea as you do.

Hence the word "pun." Do you know the definition of pun? A play on words? If you take out the t and put a p it puts the words "troll" and "pro" together. Also it has the letter p for parent, so I was hoping someone would catch that, but apparently not ????

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25 like your username you should take a break from comedy.

Puns are supposed to use words with two or more meanings. Considering proll doesn't really even have one meaning.... not a pun, not funny.

This thread is more unnecessary than this comment

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It would probably make sense to Dr. Steve Brule.

Actually, puns are supposed to have words that combine two words into one (ex. Punny). Words with 2 meanings where both are applicable is called a double entendre

87- Actually, no. I don't know where you heard that but that's wrong. If you don't believe me, just google it.

Qualification: what you said about the double entendre isn't wrong, but what you said about the pun is.

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Thought a pun was just a play on words.

*sigh* this thread has completed ruined puns for me. You all made this much more complex than it needed to be

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I would have just laughed if I were him.

It would've been funny if she tried to redeem herself by saying, 'I swear I wasn't dropping some of our future kids off at the pool!'

Drunk mothers say the darndest things :p but that was really immature of him to hang up without letting you explain yourself

Phoning back and explaining how she's drunk should fix everything, hopefully OP's boyfriend is reasonable.

Personally, I have an aversion to speaking to anyone while they are in the bathroom. It's never been for privacy... Once I hear that particular echo most bathrooms have, I become repulsed. Once I hear toilet activity, disconnect! That's just gross and disrespectful.

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That's what I don't understand. Why did her boyfriend immediately hang up? Why didn't he just let her explain? So many questions... D:

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Her boyfriend was probably just saving her embarrassment. He had already listened to the alcoholic Mom's ravings long enough to know it wasn't a good time for OP to talk.

It's just her crush, do I doubt he has listened to her mom rage very often. (Might be assuming here.)

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Oh, I didn't realize it wasn't her boyfriend. My mistake.

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If only this and the cat-stroking FML were shown on Mother's Day...would have made for a great theme.

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Am I the only one who can't be on the phone and in the bathroom at the same time? And sorry about your mom.

you're not the only one. I think it's very odd and slightly disgusting

I'd think the echo in the bathroom would be weird enough

Slightly disgusting? Ffs, what's wrong with a bathroom? I would even dare to say: what's wrong with a toilet? As long as you don't hear the other one ******** around, who cares? Well, you, probably.

Lol, its common courtesy to not use the bathroom on the phone, at least the way I was raised XD unless you got someone desperate on the phone and they keep you on there for twelve hours O.o (true story)

I think talking in your bedroom is the better choice, but that's just me.

Why not go in your room? Edit: the same comment 3 times in a row. Fail.

Nothing to do with comment, But that kitten in your picture is overly adorable!:) I love it.