By whyme27 - / Wednesday 6 June 2012 01:19 / United States - South Bend
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  faithxoxox  |  1

EShe might share her bedroom, not have a door, the door may not close or lock...personally, I go in the basement for privacy. (My bedroom door neither closes nor locks.)

  comedybreak  |  20

Hence the word "pun." Do you know the definition of pun? A play on words? If you take out the t and put a p it puts the words "troll" and "pro" together. Also it has the letter p for parent, so I was hoping someone would catch that, but apparently not ????

  2DMax  |  11

Actually, puns are supposed to have words that combine two words into one (ex. Punny). Words with 2 meanings where both are applicable is called a double entendre

  krewer21  |  1

Personally, I have an aversion to speaking to anyone while they are in the bathroom. It's never been for privacy...
Once I hear that particular echo most bathrooms have, I become repulsed. Once I hear toilet activity, disconnect!
That's just gross and disrespectful.

  22cute  |  17

Her boyfriend was probably just saving her embarrassment. He had already listened to the alcoholic Mom's ravings long enough to know it wasn't a good time for OP to talk.

  DjeePee  |  24

Slightly disgusting? Ffs, what's wrong with a bathroom? I would even dare to say: what's wrong with a toilet? As long as you don't hear the other one shitting around, who cares? Well, you, probably.

  flea_of_death  |  23

Lol, its common courtesy to not use the bathroom on the phone, at least the way I was raised XD unless you got someone desperate on the phone and they keep you on there for twelve hours O.o (true story)

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