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Today, I got my crush's phone number. I started texting him and once I told him who it was, he stopped replying. FML
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How'd you get it though? He was probably creeped out if you didn't get it from him directly

Flutist 3

Op: Heyy howz it goin'? Crush: Uh good, who is this? Op: Tbanana, from skoolz, i lol lovz yu. Crush: I don't know how you got this number... Op: Destinie, itz Romeoz and Julietz FTW! I luvz you like edward cullen loves bella. Crush: I am going to stop talking to you Op: Noez, come backz.


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For how long? If it's just for a while, then, bleh, coincidence.

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Here are the possible scenarios: 1. It was only 5 minutes, and you're insecure over the fact that he's "ignoring you" when the reality is that he has a life outside of his phone. In which case, get over it. 2. You got his number from somewhere other than asking him "Hey, what's your number". In that instance, I don't blame him. If I got texts from a random girl, my first reaction would be "Who is this, and where did you get my number?!" not "We should totally date." 3. You're both in High which case MOVE ON, YOU'RE IN MUTHERF***ING HIGH SCHOOL! I'm guessing at least 2 of these are true.

You can say motherfucking on the internet. What are you, in high school?

agree with 42, this is NOT the way to hit on a guy you like, getting his number all creepily and texting him... of course he wants to know who it is because you could be hot, but then after he realizes its you and that you're fat and ugly he stops texting because he never wanted you to have his number in the first place... ydi for not getting it in real life from him

Flutist 3

shallow much. It doesn't matter how hot the girl is, unless you are into creepy stalker sex then you need to leave that alone. No matter if she is fat or ugly, stalking is never attractive.

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Well 62, that's not true.(lol that rhymes). If some chick started txting me, and I discovered I didn't give her my number, but also that she's ******* hot as *hell*, then under no circumstances would I care that she's practically stalking me. She's ******* hot: creepy stalker sex w/ hot chick = win

Cable's right. Hot creepy stalker sex is a win. <3

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3rd lol Well that just sucks. But if he is going to act like that then you probably don't need him.

delete his number and forget about him!

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How'd you get it though? He was probably creeped out if you didn't get it from him directly

yeah, looks more like she's an ugly, creepy teenager with no life who steals phone numbers... freaking stalker, ydi

Oh boo-hoo. According to your profile, you're 14. Get the **** over it.

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yea what #6 said youre 14 gtf over it seriously. youre gonna be a **** anyways in highschool FTW

pfft.. and how can you say this? thats mature from an 18y old... speakingfrom personal experience? Gotten dumped and got slutty?

oh noeessss im a ninth grader in high school and some boy doesnt like me cuz i'm a creeper oh nooooes fml

I can't agree more. Once I received a text from an unkown number asking me out for dinner. How did I feel ? Horrible.

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I feel your pain. You will never feel as strongly for something in your entire life as you do when your in high-school. They are right though, you will get over it quickly. The truth is, you put it out there that you were interested. If nothing comes of it, then at least you know now and it won't haunt you later on. If your crush doesn't like you, it is better to know now and move on with your life.

"You will never feel as strongly for something in your entire life as you do when your in high-school." Is this speaking from personal experience? If so, then I feel extremely sorry for you. I may not again be as irrational and prone to getting depressed, but I definitely feel more strongly for many things now than I did when I was in high school. High school crushes are usually more self delusion than love. I can't imagine looking at my current long term boyfriend and thinking, "This is nice, but it really doesn't live up to when I used to stare all googly-eyed at Bobby McGee from across the lunchroom. Ahh, those were the days... the loneliness, the unfulfilled desire, the self-doubt. I guess I'll just have to settle for passion, a deep understanding of each other, and shared humor and values. Waking up next to someone who makes me happy every day sure is getting old. Oh, how I long for the days when I had only my pillow to hug at night!"

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Next time you sit and just stare at your significant other and feel all of those emotions swirling in your head, the passion, the uncertainty, the longing, then you can say your feelings were as intense as they were in school. I'm not saying that it doesn't get better, or that the relationships don't get more rewarding, I'm simply stating that the level of emotion you feel in your adolescent years is unsurpassed by anything you are likely to feel afterwards. How many people feel like they would die for their love? How many teens do? I'm not saying its rational or realistic, but the level of raw emotion is unlikely to ever be matched by a reasonable adult. Anyone who disagrees must have completely blocked out what it was like to have been young.

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Maddog, are you trolling or are you serious? The thing that was different about being in love in high school is that my self-esteem was contingent on how he treated me. Did it make it hurt more? Sure, but more pain does not equal more or deeper feeling. The feelings I have now are wider spread and extend beyond myself. The love I feel now for my boyfriend runs much deeper and will last much longer. The passion I feel about my life's work makes me feel more alive than anything made me feel in high school. Different aspects of the adolescent brain develop in stages. The dopaminergic system, which regulates affect and mood among other things, begins to go through serious changes at around age ten, but the cognitive structures which allow for self-regulation don't begin to mature until later in adolescence. The affective circuitry is very sensitive to reward cues, the most salient of which during adolescence are social acceptance and rejection. Adults are sensitive to these cues as well, but because various cognitive pathways are more mature in adults, they are better able to regulate how they react to them. So there is some truth to what you say, Maddog, in that adolescents react more strongly to reward cues, but there's a lot more to emotion than just desire for reward. (This, by the way, explains why more adolescents say they would die for love--because social reward cues are highly salient to them but their capacity for future planning and prediction of future affect are underdeveloped.) If you want a less scientific perspective, turn to poetry. Wordsworth's "Ode: Initmations on Immortality" is a fairly compelling contradiction to your stance. In particular, he ends up acknowledging that "primal sympathy", "faith that looks through death", and "the philosophic mind" are more meaningful and stronger influences on "the human heart by which we live" than "the visionary gleam" of youth.

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Maddog...I have more love for the jacket I'm wearing than I did for Cindy Lou Who from Mrs. whateverthehell's class during Sophomore year...and I forget the damn thing everywhere. High school love is fake love. It's the need for companionship, not the need for happiness. I remember someone who would rotate between boyfriends every 2-3 weeks, and she sure didn't look happy. If that's the happiest she'll ever be...she might as well kill herself. Hell, I'D kill myself, and I'm the most egocentric, narcissist there is.

I've never walked into a room and just burst into tears and sobbed uncontrollably over some guy in high school. If anything, my crushes were fleeting. They meant nothing. I had one bf in high school...I barely shed a tear when we broke up!

@45 same. I'm in high school, have dated a few guys but never cried over any of them. I also keep finding out my crushes have incredibly skanky girlfriends, and I get over it instantly. And as for the OP, you're a creeper.

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You guys are retards. Maddog has written the most logical and intelligent (not to mention something that doesn't make him sound like a total asshole) comment on this FML so far. Idiots.