By Eskyew - United States
  Today, my boyfriend and I were talking on the phone, and things got a little heated. We were in the middle of some kinky dialog, complete with hand action when he suddenly goes silent. While waiting for a response, I heard typing on the other end. He was checking his email. FML
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  chinolatino  |  0

Twelve year old's do have a right on the internet. Don't they? It's just that sites like fmylife should be a community ranging from 14 to whatever. He definitely should not "gtfo" the internet.

  TheUndead  |  0

Seriously. He was clearly looking for more porn. The real FML is that he lied to her when she asked what he was typing. Saying email was the lesser of two evils.

  sherryterry3  |  0

Hahahahaha that was funny!!!
Phone sex? Really? I can't imagine how fun it would be to have the illusion that you're with your boyfriend but when you open your eyes you realize... Oh, yeah, I'm touching myself. Fun.

Eh. YDI for being so horny... FYL because you can't keep him interested... or YDI... eh whatever


I've never had phone sex, but I can't imagine it actually being good. I mean, if things get really kinky, it might be kinda funny, but a turn-on? I'm sorry, but I need something more than someone talking to feel good.

By  Avenger_fml  |  0

Wow. That jut proves that you are not good! I mean don't do it if you can't do it right... Anyways I think it's FHL for having a crappy girlfriend.. But that's just me (: