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  marz88  |  0

Why in the name of god is this an FML?. Stop QQing damnit it was a dream. I bet a bunch of little kids are moderating this going OMG that's so terrible. FFS

  hecuva  |  0

Just to add to this NOT being a FML... they were talking about having "wierd" dreams, so her cousin could be saying that it was wierd that she lost... therefore a good thing, right?

  ckpy8  |  4

Are you kidding me? Everybody has relatives. It isn't something they can help. Did you even think before posting that?

OP: It was only a dream. Who knows what goes on in other peoples' minds?

By  SaintJimmy  |  0

So fucking what? He was your little cousin who had a DREAM!! Maybe he was the judge of the beauty contest and he thinks women who look like rats that walk on two legs are beautiful and that's why you lost. Get over it.