By bm - 11/02/2009 19:57 - United States

Today, my mom and I were looking at pictures from the beach. She goes, "That is a REALLY ugly picture of Michelle" (my cousin). The picture was of me. FML
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She was talking about the picture, not the person on it. Stop whining.

badluckalex 23

Simply retort, "Yeeaaa, sure looks a lot like her mom..."

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Take a picture of her and photoshop it in the worst way possible.

so? she didn't say you were ugly, she said the picture was.

at least she didn't say you look ugly, you must have cleaned up well

emmyers 0

Maybe they just hate her? :/ so they were trying to find something about her to talk about, and didn't notice it was you?

awh_crap 17

Op: "Y..Yeeeah.. Gosh she looks so bad!..."

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Most people would *say* rather than "go" a phrase. But then again, English is a frightfully complicated language in which to become fluent. That being said, have you considered giving English fluency a "go"?