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Today, I had misplaced my cell phone. I decided the best course of action would be to dial the number from my house phone and wait for it to ring to locate it. Somebody answered when I called. It wasn't the wrong number and I had a brief conversation with the man that stole my phone. FML
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Lol that sucks! But it's better than having your car stolen and then calling your car phone and talking to the guy. (Seinfeld reference anybody?)

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shut the **** up loser. we dont care your first or not.

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You care enough to post that you don't care.

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#23 Why do you guys get so pissed, I think that you are just jealous because you haven't ever been first. And there isn't a point to burying it because EVERYONE clicks the comment to see it anyway. OP: FYL, but just call your phone company and cancel the plan so he can't use it for anything and get a new phone. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

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or they can jst get a new sim and switch the number to that sim and buy a new phone or a used phone, whatever phone. now he cant use that phone, they dont need to cancel the plan. ha well i know cuz that happened to me.. well i never really found my phone. they cudnt use it anyways, it was locked.

i mean if ur phone requires sim. then you can do my plan but if u have verizon.. then sorry.

I care that you're first! Congratulations!

they are just jealous you got first. lol

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Good job getting 1st man you are lucky

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i wish i had put my phone on lock when someone stole it at practice... yeah it sucks when you call your phone and someone else answers ... just annoys you more that they took it and are now answering it. the illustration is kinda weird... isnt it a guy posting the fml ... not a girl? - i dont get why i put reply to 61 and it puts me under something else that doesnt have to do with the post?

Instead of commenting/complaining on the person's post positions, and whether or not they stated 'first', go out, have sex and start complementing each others positions. Trust me, you'll feel better.

Can we stop arguing please? This cartoon was really well drawn and funny, so good job :D

You should say "first" too because I guess you're the first to care that he's first. DON'T FEED THE TROLL! OP: It sucks...FYL

Getting first is a big deal, okay? I mean come on, be realistic. If you clicked on this, and there were NO other comments, you wouldn't think it would be cool, or controversial to put "first" up there? I know like 95% of the people here would!

Ur a dick and lol i liked it at the end

I was first once. They still piss me off. By the way if you want proof, go back a few pages to the one about the airplane and the 2 old people talking about there sex lives.

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a reply to number 1!! wwhat? youguys gonna curse me off tooo?

Oh, but you care that he cares, making you care also? Oyus.

hahaha that's my I have a gps tracker on my phone. when I loose it I just go on my brothers and find out exacly where it's at.

lol that's funny what happened to th OP I mean


Excuse me, but I don't think monogamy is legal in this country, I dunno where you're from. YDI

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Where the **** would you live where monogamy wouldn't be legal?

Call the cops. Tell them to trace the GPS chip.

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Wait... What if it doesn't have that?

The phone's location *can* be triangulated through the cell phone towers, though.

They can still track like the phone calls. and you can go on your phones website if its tmobile and look at dialed phone calls. You'll have to pay to track it without gps. but they can still find it

all phones are traceable especially when they dial out... despite people thinking this is devised by cops to chase people down, the bigger push to make this constant is the fact that sometimes people dial 911 and arent able to clearly communicate. Trust me, if it can dial, it can be traced

Yeah, but why waste all the time and money (it's not cheap) trying to triangulate the cell phone when you can buy a new phone for $10?

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most phones dont have a gps chip.... and it would be easier to just call the provider and tell tehm to cancel the service.

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I like the person whose name is definitely pi. This drawing made me fall off my chair from laughter at the end. OP, I wish I could have conversations with the people who have stolen my phones in the past. It sucks that it was stolen though.

Lol that sucks! But it's better than having your car stolen and then calling your car phone and talking to the guy. (Seinfeld reference anybody?)

Haha yeah. I remember that. Was that the one where Jerry's mechanic stole his car because he didn't think Jerry was taking good enough care of it?

No, that was the one where the guy who moves cars from one side of the street to the other left the keys in the ignition. Kramer got his gloves back from the thief at the end though

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Haha, I was totally about to make the same comment! Hilarious. Anyway, this same thing happened to a friend of mine.

Maybe he'll get it back with his bill paid and all new accessories just like Jerry got his car back with his tires rotated and the frame alligned.

Wow! Nice! U should ask hey we should meet out for Dinner sometime! U sound really hot!!!!

You realize that the Op is a guy, right? I mean, maybe he's gay, but chances are he's not (statistically).

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so.... you gonna invite him to a coffee shop or something??

um so did the conversation actually lead to you finding out how he got your phone and if he had intentions of returning it? or was the chat so fun that you forgot the real reason why you called

I'm dying to know what was said during the course of this conversation.