By Rebecca - 21/05/2012 14:11 - United States - Austin

Today, my colleague yet again misused the word "literally." It's driving me insane. I have to work opposite him and hear him say things like he's just "literally shit himself inside out." FML
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Your comment literally made me shit myself inside out.

You should say "I'm literally going to kill you if you don't stop saying literally. Literally".


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Like I totally agree with you. Like when they say that word it like drives me insane. Like Like Like :D

Dammit, you literally just wrote what i was just gonna write. Like thats so like unfair that you like just beat me. Literally

Your comment literally made me shit myself inside out.

A DocB' comment #1 on this topic will, literally*, break all records for thumbs! *And I use that term advisedly in this instance.

"She was always using the word 'infer' when she obviously meant 'imply': And I know some guys would put up with that sort of thing, but frankly, I can't imagine why. So I told her, I said " Hey! Are we doing military work here? No I don't think we are! You're close, so close, but no cigar!"

Or when um you're talking to someone and um they are like um yeah I totally agree. Or when they're like "yea um he was like do you want to um go on a date?? And I was like um yeah!!" saying and, um, & like too much... :/

After reading Doc's post, the word "literally" started to sound really weird. Anyone else? Just me?

When you say a word multiple times, it eventually starts sounding like gibberish.

I personally feel sorry for the co-worker; literally shiting oneself inside out, must be a terribly painful and traumatic experience...

#20, I wish I could thumbs up your comment more than once. I, um, like literally LOVE #Weird Al.

I'd be flattered, but unfortunately my wiener's stuck in a bottle while I'm in an Amish Paradise. Too bad I'm too White & Nerdy to Perform This Way, and too Fat to Eat it and be Constipated. Ok, I'll stop.

1 So you literally lost your mind? Please tell me how you're still alive. ;)

Yeah, I literally find it amazing that someone who literally understands the word literally, literally doesn't have the insight to understand the concept of hyperbole or how someone could literally exaggerate to make something funnier. Figuratively speaking, of course.

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54 - What did you expect #Weird Al to do? Using hashtags on Facebook is bad, but on FML...

86, I agree wholeheartedly. I actually find people's seemingly disproportionate displays of revulsion in response to the figurative use of "literal" altogether more irksome than the alleged original offense.

Reading this entire thread from start to finish I already know I needn't bother scrolling down to review the rest of the comments. First comment/this thread was ( wait for it;D) LITERALLY predictable. Muhaha and I indulge in hypocrisy.

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reminds me of that madTV skit

I literally read Doc B's comment in the voice of Rob Lowe's character from Parks and Recreation. He is literally the only (other) person from whom I tolerate the incorrect usage of that word.

Actually, the word "literally" has evolved over time and can be used interchangeably to mean 'figuratively' as well. Not that it makes it any better with people who abuse the term.

Yeah, I used the hash tag as yet another example of annoying things people put in sentences for no reason, similar to "um" and "like". I should have over used it to make it more obvious, sorry. Those damn hash tags drive me nuts.

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Of course, if he actually did shit himself, he could use the word "literally" in that statement. Did he actually shit himself? He could just say "I figurative shit myself" all the time and you would get annoyed with that, but he'd still be in the right for saying it.

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Doc, this entire thread reminded me of super troopers, meow.

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Wow. Docbastard is like some sort of god on fml.

I think that's usually called a hyperbole. Ya know an extreme exaggeration?? English people

Using the word literally in an exaggeration isn't an improper use.....

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Perfect use of the word "literally".

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I that makes you mad, there's something wrong with you

...or she's been working there for a while, and her co worker has used it to the point of it becoming similar to the word 'like', among a lot of teenagers in America. No, I'm not generalizing. I live here and go to highschool here, so I know from witnessing.

Machine, I know right. Like every teenager uses it. Like what's up with that? Like why can't they like just use a different word instead of like. I mean like how can someone say the word "like" so much without realizing. It's like so annoying right? I think like every person that likes to say "like" should be trained or brainwashed like not to say it.

Thanks SkoomaKi, I feel like I've just watched an episode of Jersey Shore.

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I bet it is literally driving you insane

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As long as he isn't misusing "finger quotes" as well. Both at once would be a concoction of verbal and nonverbal annoyance that only a beheading can dilute.

You should say "I'm literally going to kill you if you don't stop saying literally. Literally".

Whilst sharpening a machete... Or would that be going too far?

#33 - That would be a beautiful touch. Really adds to the seriousness. Literally.

Seriousness? In that case OP must wear a giant green tophat while issuing this threat!

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It must really suck to be inside out. Lol. Just let it go... Some people are just really dumb and can't help it.

"Dude, what the **** happened to you!?" "I shat myself inside out. No biggie." "... are we still going swimming later?" " Nah. The chlorine will literally burn me inside out--I have an idea..." *later that day* "****, THIS WAS A HORRIBLE IDEA!"

Oh lol that cracked me up, "literally!" lol lol

Stop being anal about it and your problem will go away, douchbag.