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Today, I got fired from my job at a weight-loss center because I was too skinny, and apparently it's too depressing for the customers to handle. FML
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Wouldn't you be something to work towards? Like a source of encouragement? And if someone "overweight" works there, the customers wouldn't see the point of it..

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I bet you can find a better job somewhere else ^^


randomthing 22

I bet you can find a better job somewhere else ^^

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You could probably find a job at a gym. They like to hire skinny people. That is pretty weird that you can get fired for being skinny. I thought there were laws in America against things like that?

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My comment tried to post twice and Ido not know why. So I edited it to say this instead. My apologies.

There are laws against employment discrimination in the US but I'm pretty sure they only apply to race, religion, and gender, not body type. In "at will employment" states, an employer can fire you for any reason excluding those three, or for no reason at all.

Actually there's this thing called unfair dismissal, which is (believe it or not) illegal.

^True, but if OP got the job within the past few weeks, then the employer is allowed to fire them for any reason they deem relevant. Not that I agree with it, because I don't. I've just seen it listed on a few job applications I've filled out.

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There is in *some* states laws for unfair dismissal. However to get around this most employers will put down things like "Unfit for work place" or "Unreconcilable differences" or some such nonsense they can legally get away with. Unless they have written proof they fired them for being too skinny, it likely wouldn't hold since most employment is "At will"

I looked up "unfair dismissal." According to my research the termination has to violate an employment contract, a specific jurisdiction law, company policy, or fit a particular criteria. Unless there is a written legal reason OP can't be fired based on body weight, "wrongful dismissal" doesn't apply

In South Carolina there is a will to work act in place and they can fire you for anything. Religion, race, even being pregnant.

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Same in Nevada. It's a right to work state and they can fire you for any reason they want

52 - Firing based on race or religion violates federal law; it is an exception to "at will" laws. Pregnancy is understandable because it can interfere with your ability to perform certain functions of your job (depending on your job).

Well my husband got fired a while back for our religion... so I'm not sure what you're trying to say. They don't put it in writing so it's always a he said she said issue.

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He could work at McDonalds to depress people out of buying food

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Portal 2 references for the win

Where's SliceOfCake when you need him?

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^ His display picture. Yummm.

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@112 It's a reference to the first Portal, not the second.

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It's more depressing that you actually got fired for that reason :(

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I don't think the customers were the jealous ones...

She should at least be the fat people's motivation don't ya think?

I agree with 56! You being thin and healthy should motivate them to lose weight when they see you, OP.

Your henna is amazing how did you get it so dark?

Solution: Get a new job at an anorexic rehabilitation center. Perhaps the clients there will be more cheerful.

That is the worst thing I have ever heard in my life. I can't believe someone even has the nerve to say that

It was a joke made in poor taste. My apologies.

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Maybe it's just me, but I found your joke quite witty. If it makes you feel any better I thumbed you back up to -28 votes...

I thought it was funny. Guess we are the only ones with humor.

Distasteful and funny: Two thumbs up from me.

Wouldn't you be something to work towards? Like a source of encouragement? And if someone "overweight" works there, the customers wouldn't see the point of it..

Yeah. I'd have a lot more faith in a "weight loss center" with skinny employees than one with fat employees. If the employees weren't skinny, I wouldn't have any faith in the establishment or it's practices.

That's just bigger people being frustrated with the fact that OP is skinny, and firing her (unprofessionally) for it.

If you say skinny really slowly it sounds like anorexia. Yea I'm high.

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It's idiots like you that give us stoners a bad name. Listen, I'm a hardcore pot smoker but I dont act-a-fool when I'm stoned.

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Son... Please drop the crack pipe. Right now!

Stoners give themselves a bad name by being stoners, they dont need to do shit

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9 and 94 need to be lynched for being so retarded.

OP didn't say it. Their employer, and apparently other customers, said it. Read carefully next time.

8, exactly. Sometimes there can be a big difference between a healthy, lean body and a skinny body

That is a stupid reason. That's like firing a personal trainer because they are too fit and muscular. Be proud of your body. I would consider filing a wrongful termination suit but you probably don't want to work for those people anyway.