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Today, I heard my skinny 14-year-old daughter tell her friend, "Ugh, I wish I had leukemia or something so that I could lose weight." Yes, she actually said that. FML
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Hello everyone, Op here First off, holy crap i didnt think this would get published, but when i got the email that it did, i HAD to look at the comments. Secondly, she doesnt live with me most of the time, she lives with her dad and visits me one day a week and every other weekend. I am there for her and we talk a lot and are very close. Thirdly, i have NO idea why she said this. I talked to her after her friend left and she told me that she is very confident in herself, but feels that she wants to be a size 0, not a size 2. She is very open with me and i can spot when she is not being truthful from a mile away. I explained to her how it was highly inappropriate and she seemed to understand. The friend that she had over is one friend that neither me nor her father likes. She has influenced my daughter in an unhealthy way. If my ex or myself notices any more behavior like this then we will take her to therapy. My daughter definitely meant leukemia because when i asked her about it, she told me that it was not anorexia or bulimia that she was talking about. She is very confident with her body and i actually have to tell her to cover up sometimes because of what she wears. Anyway, I spoke with her and she now understands how bad cancer is and what it does to people. I will definitely be keeping a closer eye on her now and her father will too. And to those of you who said i was eavesdropping, she was in the living room, and i was coming down the stairs.

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I'm not big on smacking kids often, but I hope you smacked the stupid out of her.

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If you get the chance OP have your daughter read this. My best friend just lost her step brother a few weeks ago to lymphoma which is very similar to leukemia. She was visiting me from our home state when she got the call. I was the one who held her as she cried. He was only in his early 20's. He went through several bouts of bone marrow transplants, which are extremely painful for both the doner and the receiver. His immune system started to reject everything, he looked like a burn victim. His skin was so dry and cracking to the point it would bleed. Then it would scar. He lost all of his teeth in the last few months of his life and was forced on to a liquid diet. He went from being on his way to a college basketball scholarship to bed ridden and confined to a wheel chair. He spent sometime in remission only to relapse about a year ago. He spent six years fighting and just couldn't fight anymore just last month. His whole body just shut down and he said he wasn't ready to die. These are the kind of complications that when you look up lymphoma that you won't find. It's not a funny joke nor is it a cool way to lose weight. He lost weight, because he couldn't eat or move or really anything else. Oh and there's a little issue of your hair falling out. I also just lost my Uncle to bone cancer 2 days ago. It's not cute nor funny to see my father upset over his brother being gone. He was there when he passed and said he never wanted to do anything like that again. A lot of people on here I'm sure will call me out as being "fake" however, I am happy to send the obits and FB pages your way. Is this all worth it for a size 0 jean?


I'm not big on smacking kids often, but I hope you smacked the stupid out of her.

And if she had body image issues, you'd have just made things way worse.

Don't think a "smacking" is necessary in this situation. A serious 1 on 1 talk would definitely be the right thing to do here.

My mum has leukemia, so naturally this upset me a bit. However.. She could have said what she said due to a mental illness or pressure from friends etc. She could gave a serious problem and needs a calm and caring 1 on 1 talk. I hope she's okay.

#32, exactly right. When someone skinny wants to lose more weight so badly that they think they'd like to have cancer, they may already either have or be well on their way to anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders -- which are themselves potentially fatal conditions. If a one-on-one talk doesn't allay concerns (and perhaps even if it does), an appointment with a doctor or therapist who has experience with eating disorders is a really good idea.

I'm usually for disciplining and smacking someone when they need it, but this is NOT one of those things. Absolutely not. She needs some professional mental help instead.

She also may have just confused leukemia with bulimia. Still bad, but not as much.

You need to take her to the doctor, she might be bulimic or anorexic or something of that nature.

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Even if she doesn't have a full-blown mental illness Op needs to talk to her daughter....

OP should also take her daughter to volunteer at a cancer center. Maybe that will make her realize that what she said was highly inappropriate.

Well, it's time for a mother-daughter talk then. The need for approval in the society drives people to do crazy things.

My first thought too. I hate to admit it but if the neighbour hadn't have been stationary OP could very well have hit her.

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Yeah it sounds like she has some serious body image issues and needs therapy before it's too late.

That seriously should never be said. Sit her down and discuss it. That's unacceptable. Who the hell wishes they had leukemia?

Well I think someone deserves a reality smack

She may just be feeling self conscious and need some love and support! Just be there for her it could help!

Time to show her a Leukemia Patient Vdo over Youtube

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I'm not justifying what she had said but does your daughter possibly suffer from body dysmorphia? She might not see herself as you do..I'd certainly talk to her about how wrong it was to say such a thing, but I'd also try and find out more about what's making her feel that way.

You all freaking out over everything and trying to turn every stupid comment into proof of a mental illness are idiots. Sometimes its just someone being stupid.

Actually, #36, comments like that can indeed be signs of an eating disorder. So can being skinny and wanting to lose more weight. And eating disorders are pretty serious business, and the longer it takes to get help the harder they can be to treat. So while the comment might just be a case of someone being stupid, it's not safe to assume that's all it was.

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While she may just be saying it to get attention, fit in or try to be cool, it's a very dangerous mindset to have. It says without any doubt that she has body issues and a bad view of how women should act. Though she could also be stupid, she most likely will have eating disorders of some level, possibly to a fatal extent. There is absolutely no chance people are jumping to conclusions here.