By Anonymous - Canada - Calgary
Today, my boss wrote me up for saying "pissed" in front of a client. This is the same boss who nearly pissed himself laughing when a client made an extremely off-color Holocaust joke a few weeks ago, in front of half the department. FML
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  tygerarmy  |  35

Definitely stupid to write up the OP, especially without some kind of verbal warning, and if the client didn't complain. But there is a difference between a client making a joke, and an employee, so you always need to know your workplace standards. For all we know the boss faked laughed at the joke, but the company really needs the business. It just sucks and you move on.

  SpyroMello  |  29

Laughing at a racial joke as boss of a business is highly unprofessional #8, regardless of who said the joke. People get offended and when they see the owner or manager or boss laughing at such a thing, then that hurts business because who would go to a business that thinks the Holocaust was funny? You might want to rethink professionalism #8.


Depends on the employer, but it's usually some kind of punishment. Written up is a written and usually verbal warning, where your boss scolds and talks to you about what you did wrong, and there can be some kind of penalty that goes along with it. If you get enough, you can eventually get fired for it. My work has a 3 strike rule, 1st is just a written note, 2nd you're closely monitored and you have to do something to make up for the offence, 3rd you're terminated.

  19990231  |  29

Although I agree it is not a cuss word, it is still unprofessional in front of a client.