By in_hardik - 11/06/2012 01:14 - United States

Today, at my workplace, I saw a system crashing. I mean literally, my manager was throwing my colleague's laptop at him while shouting around the office. This is only my second day. FML
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egc573 40

That sounds like an episode of the Office. I can totally see Michael Scott doing that to somebody...


I hope his laptop didn't have the good **** saved on it. that would be the real FML if it did.

What's up with the bosses? Maybe they're just power hungry. But somebody needs to stand up and say that his behavior is very inappropriate at work. What happened to manners?, respect?, and courtesty? No one should behave like that including the boss.

Yeah. I feel your pain op. I just got an office job as well. Apparently nobody here will like you unless you give each of then $10

I guess you could say he's practicing anger management. B-dum-tsh

I usually wouldn't say anything but OP "Run while you can"

I... hope he had a sturdy laptop? Try not to piss off the boss? Boss sounds batshitinsane tho. Might want to keep jobhunting.

And I always thought that an office job would be boring

More like I hope the guy has a sturdy body, laptops are ******* painful man

Sounds like a healthy environment. But seriously, if this is common there, get a new job asap!

RedPillSucks 31

In this economy? Good luck.

Depending on what OP can do, this mig also be a matter of weeks. But even if it took half a year or more, it doesn't justify to work under such conditions!

egc573 40

That sounds like an episode of the Office. I can totally see Michael Scott doing that to somebody...

I think OP needs to get out of there. You don't want to be working in The Office office because that's be horrible in real life. It is funny on tv though.

Nice way to put a FML, try and anger your boss so he throws a laptop at you, then grab the laptop and run away, repeat for infinite laptops! But if you can stay therefor a year or two, I'm sure you could handle a lot more environments

RawEndo 1

Try to get something out of this, like a learning experience and valueble tools that can be used later on.

Like the most effective approach to catapulting a laptop through the air?

And the best way to dodge or catch launched laptops.

TheVelocirabbit 10

Or to make the most confusing route to escape the "predator".

klovemachine 24

Just think, OP, you have a funny story for future newbies to tell someday

Or a story to scare the shit out of them.

Hope you have good reflexes... You could be next!

Considering the fact that the economy is in the toilet and you're not likely to find another job anytime soon... Good luck.