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Today, another employee scolded me for being "socially awkward". The same employee who just before had a 10 minute discussion with a client about her poop. FML
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blink182AAR 6

Well you would be acting awkward after witnessing them talking about her own crap.


flockz 19

maybe she likes poop. he was still talking to someone and you weren't.

But that's still so awkward O_o It was a client.. someone they barely knew! Fyl OP 0.0

GhettoXmuffin 7

Watch them next time, then you can learn to talk shit.

flockz 19

6- yes.... when is that not normal?

Really #1? Were you there? You know that OP wasn't talking to someone? Wow, that's a treat. It's rare you get commenters besides the OP who know every detail of what was going on at the time of the FML. Don't assume, asshole.

Why does someone need to be "scolded" for being socially awkward...? Would that not make it worse?

Why would OP care about what her employee said? If she talks about her own shit, do you really think her opinion even matters?

45, calm down. How was that comment even needed? Chill!

What the ****? I have a valid point, #1 wasn't there, they don't know what OP was doing. So yeah, my comment was needed. You make it sound like I'm ******* cussing them out.

flockz 19

^what the ****? i never assumed anything. it's very unlikely that the customer wanted to talk about poop, and i understand that. i was just trying to point out that OP doesn't like it when she's called socially awkward by someone who she thinks is awkward. but her co-worker was STILL talking to someone else and OP wasn't, even though it was about poop. but it doesn't matter because the co-worker is still more social than OP was. now calm down.

74 you obviously didn't read my comments at all. How do you know OP wasn't talking to customers? You were not there. You don't know what OP was doing, you're ASSUMING she wasn't talking to anyone. Her coworker thinking that that she is socially awkward doesn't mean anything. I'm perfectly calm. And 76 I really don't give a ****.

Honestly, are any comments ever "needed"? No? Ok, now let's get back to the important thing here. What is wrong with the coworkers poop that she is able to have such a long conversation about it? I can only ever manage a few minutes at most.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Mandapants is raging! Watch out!

Watch out everyone, we got a badass over here.

78- When someone uses caps lock to prove a point they are usually not perfectly calm. If you really were calm, warn me when you get pissed so I can run away from your general direction very, very fast.

koolkat27 13

74- your a moron. being socially awkward doesnt always mean that you simply don't talk. it means that you do talk, but only make awkward conversation with people. hence the name socially "awkward".

Reyo 2

I hope you gracefully reminded her of the scintillating conversation she just had on her defecation.

I can't believe your comment got only 8 likes! Haha you funny ************! xD

I like the fact your profile picture is of poop.

CuteDumBlonde64 11

Hey baby, at least you tried :)

OP that bitch is a shit head.... I would have scolded at her louder.

Looks like you guys are in a sgitty situation

^^ HAHA, yes. A simple letter kept me from shooting at you. Don't post that pun again, or else i'll find you...

ewputthataway 0

I just want to know what sgitty means.

"Today I found out that poop is more interesting than I am. FML"

"Today, I found out that poop is more interesting than I am. FML"

Edit: I had a sense of reason and deleted my comment

koolkat27 13

21- in your profile pic, what are you touching? I'm not trying to be rude but.. is it a back? or a neck perhaps? sorry I'm just curious lol

blink182AAR 6

Well you would be acting awkward after witnessing them talking about her own crap.

Is it more awkward to talk about your own poop, than someone else's?

ObsessedWithGays 7

I don't think a socially awkward person would talk about their shit, where as a really outgoing person would. Socially awkward people, like myself, are more like " Oh hey. I like your pants. Oh you aren't wearing pants? Lol oh. Maybe you should put some pants on. Jk. Don't. Pls. You have nice legs. Jk. Sorry. I'm not sorry."

That isn't normal? Woops. I wish someone had told me that earlier....

nofearjenshere 12

"Yeah I just dont know why its been so runny lately, I think I've been eating too much Mexican food"

I pulled a gun on my dad because I thought he was a burglar. He was drunk and try to shit in my restroom.

Start talking about your poop to clients

GhettoXmuffin 7

I think this is how that conversation went. Employee: Yea, my poo is usually in the form of hard logs, only yesterday it came out in a squirting, liquid like state. A few days ago, it was green. Wierd. Oh, and 2 weeks ago my poo came out bloody red. I really should see a doctor, or stop eating hot cheetos. Client: uuuhhh-huh? (backs away slowly)

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Yeah, come on, he barely speaks English. You know that as he apparently doesn't know how to use "fluent" in his profile info thing

In what way do you believe he used the word fluent incorrectly?