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  Lolbrittany  |  0

Of course he is, he should've just helped the woman with the snake problem and could've got an easy $50 for stabbing a diamond-weave hat. Then he wouldn't have been wasting his money on getting the cast off.

Duh. :U


shut up with your "i'm glad i live in the UK". nobody loves you. oh, and if you dislocate your arm, you're paying in euros. so haha to you.

by you, i mean you as a person, not as the country

  nice18  |  0

1. We don't use Euro's here.
2. Healthcare is funded by taxes, we don't pay for healthcare directly.

Please excuse me if I read your comment wrong, it's 2am here.

  Devikarawr  |  0

oh dear #54's not got his lights on has he?
and whats wrong if i want to tell you i like living in the uk...i thought America believed in free speech? or did you not know that? what a shame.
i shall say again.
NHS ftw!! =]
good day!xxx

  paperfox_fml  |  0

Brilliant! Obama has plans to not let poor people who can't afford insurance die, and all the Americans are getting arsey about it and howling about how their system is JUST FINE AS IT IS THANK YOU VERY MUCH and HOW AWFUL THE BRITISH SYSTEM IS OH GOD NO NHS = AWFULNESS WE DON'T WANT THAT SORT OF THING IN THIS GLORIOUS COUNTRY GOD SAVE AMERICA.

And then an FML like this appears.


By  wingedspiritus  |  0

$50 is a lot of money just to have it taken off. However, I would still have gotten help from somebody else. :/
If it's going to be the cheap route, have decent alternatives at least.


i don't know whether or not to say that he deserves it. i mean, he might honestly not have been able to afford it. but i don't see how he thought he could just "pull it off". i mean, at least get a box cutter and break it open

  Strike1  |  0

If you can't afford it, wait for your paycheck or borrow some money. Anyone who took 5 seconds to weigh the pros and cons should know this. You can either save $50 or lose hundreds or potentially low thousands, and then have to pay the $50 again to get it off correctly. YDI.

  FMLable  |  0

"paid the money" is the key phrase. Most developed countries wouldn't make you pay 50$ - or anything at all - for a simple procedure. Or for any necessary, non-elective procedure for that matter.

By  nypd613  |  0

cheap bastard. I don't usually enjoy other people's discomfort, but this is actually so funny I'm picturing the moron in my head jerking his arm out. I'm still laughing. ydi