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Today, my boss yet again said she was "literally dying", after she watched a funny video online. Long story short, I'm now on her shitlist because I couldn't help but point out that she clearly wasn't dying, and that her ranting was distracting me from doing actual work. FML
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If people knew how to language we wouldn't have this problem

You could've helped it, but didn't. Now you know better than to correct the boss on non-essential matters. Use this knowledge at your next job.


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I read somewhere that the word 'literally' is *literally* the most misused word in the English language. Even newspaper headlines and articles misuse the word, which is pretty shocking in my opinion. The word that 99.9% of the time people mean to use, is actually 'figuratively'. Random and off topic I know, but just thought it was an interesting fact :)

That's literally the best fact-statistic combo I've seen all day

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16: I was under the impression people did it on purpose; or at least, I know I do. maybe I don't want to believe people don't know the difference. /:

23 - I'd beg to differ. I've literally seen more people misuse the proper "your" than literally....

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OP sounds like a total ass. correcting your boss on trivial matters and saying she's distracting you from actual work? Somebody needs to learn his place on the food chain!

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Now you wish she literally was dying

A bit harsh... There's a difference between finding someone annoying and wanting them dead

See, some people blow hyperbolic phrases way out of proportion. Not everything is to be taken literally.

conman531 23

Yeah true. He wishes she was literally quiet

If you want to get real technical, she is literally dying, as are we all. Maybe not as quickly as you hoped though.

If people knew how to language we wouldn't have this problem

Please teach me how to language, I'm quite interested.

aaah yes, the art of languaging is a tricky one indeed.

Actually, the informal and hyperbolic use of the word "literally" is acknowledged in the Oxford English Dictionary, so it really isn't that incorrect.

As is 'would of', that doesn't make it any better though.

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Stop being sucha brat people say things like this when they are excited etc. It really is not the end of the world!

I kinda agree? I had to make a conscious effort to stop saying the word "literally". I knew I wasn't "literally starving to death" but people get into bad habits with trend words like that. I'm willing to bet her boss knows the definition of a literal situation. Basically OP, you deserve it. It's just a word.

cryssycakesx3 22

but it's hard when a lot people use it like that every chance they get.

How is it hard to keep your mouth shut and not be a pretentious douchebag? It's not hard at all considering the fact that people uses 'literally' wrong all the time, especially if that person is your boss. There's never a real time to be pretentious, but there are preferred situations. It literally wasn't this one.

It's not pretentious, it's using the English language correctly. The boss is a dumbass.

You could've helped it, but didn't. Now you know better than to correct the boss on non-essential matters. Use this knowledge at your next job.

The boss should have been expecting it if she was going to be annoying like this though. Not to mention OP has to do his work, and she got in the way.

Oh language, if only people knew how beautiful you are. When used correctly that is.

Oh condescending assholes, if only you understood the value of humility.

Excuse me Miss you didn't capitalize Language as it should have been in that statement. Sincerely, "p"ot

#58 Language isn't capitalized unless its the start of a sentence.

Perhaps you were just trying to be honest. But what did you expect her to do after you pointed her faults out; give you hugs and kisses?

Rule #1 of life: Don't correct your bosses.

Rule #2 of life: Make a list of all the times you wish you could have called your boss out on stupid shit like this in case you win the lottery and get to tell them to shove it.

I thought rule #1 was more like say, I don't know, breathing.