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By whytoday - 21/05/2012 14:59

Today, I read an article on babies dying after being accidentally left in cars in the sun. On my lunch break, I decided to walk around the parking lot, checking to see that no kids were abandoned in cars. A guy gave me a smack for looking through his car window. FML
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It you SEE a baby in a car, call the police. Do not actively go in search of it. You are not a super hero, just annoying. I've read that people trapped in a fire can die; I do not go around looking for fires I can rescue people from. There are people who actually do that for a living. They are called "professionals".


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I would probably do the same thing as the guy did. I don't want a random stranger looking through my car window

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OP, saving the world one parking lot at a time.

Generally peopling creeping in parking lot and looking through car windows = trying to steal a car.

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You hit me once I hit you back You gave a kick I gave a slap

Hey, don't thumb down 49, they're quoting Kiss with a Fist by Florence + the Machine! Awesome song, I suggest you listen to it.

You smashed a plate over my head Then I set fire to the rain

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Smack smack, sugar smack, give me a smack and I'll smack ya back!:D

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49, 74, Yaaaay, independant music that's usually found through you tube!

This ain't tumblr ^all of the above minus the two on top

Yeah because creeping in a parking lot looking in cars in search of babies doesn't make you look like a pedophile or anything.

The awkward moment when your in the car, picking your nose and someone outside starts staring at you, and you continue on to pick your nose anyway.

That awkward moment when you're in the car and you turn your head and notice someone in another car looking at you.

The awkward moment when you mean-mug a ugly person from your car, then realize you're looking in the rear view mirror.

That awkward moment when you fail to realise you're threadjacking AND using a trite, overplayed "that awkward moment" meme.

That awkward moment when you only are commenting in the third comment because you know no one will see it otherwise

klovemachine 24

That awkward moment when "that awkward moment" has been said way too many times :D

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That awkward moment when someone combo breaks.

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And that would be me, here to suggest that OP read an article on creating world peace.

That awkward moment when you realise how stupid it is to imply people should post comments that aren't going to be seen by anybody.

Agree with u man. How weird are these people?

At least OP had good intentions...? Actually no, that's just weird and paranoid.

"Don't look in my window, you silly! I slap juu!" *slap* Op: what the ****?

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He probably thought you were going to explode from how hard you were creeping

Aw, I failed at amusing everyone with my comment D: Oh well, off to do creeper things!

"Get your legs flexin', and your arms t-rexin'. Do the creep haauuh, do the creep haauuh!"

89 don't worry I got a good laugh ;)

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20- Some people might get the wrong idea if you come up to their car and start looking into it. Don't know if it's just me, but I would definitely be alarmed if I saw someone peeking into my imaginary car.

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What the f***! That's wierd and the guy is a douche

Almost as weird as walking around a parking lot, peeking in all the cars, no?

I don't see a baby, but I see a really nice iPhone...

Save the iPhone from certain death. They can't do shit if it's iPhone abuse we're talking about.

People get pissed off by that. can't think why...

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Not sure if you're serious or being sarcastic, so I'll point out the obvious -- someone peeking in cars is quite likely looking for something to steal.

Am I being sarcastic? 115- look into your heart and you will find the answer.

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7 - your comment reminds me of something all my teachers say. Me: Can I go to the bathroom? Teacher: I don't know, can you?

KiddNYC1O 20

You may... But can you? Idk.

123- your teachers are probably trying to encourage you to use "may I..." instead of "can I...", grammatical techniqualities and all :P

I always feel like somebody's watching me... He's looking in you windows.. Uh, ok I don't have anymore. WAIT--nope, nothing.

They climbin' in yo windows, snatchin' yo people up...

It you SEE a baby in a car, call the police. Do not actively go in search of it. You are not a super hero, just annoying. I've read that people trapped in a fire can die; I do not go around looking for fires I can rescue people from. There are people who actually do that for a living. They are called "professionals".

I don't think there are professional car searchers, though. OP's heart was in the right place, but they weren't really thinking rationally.

It's the job of the police/fire department (not to check every car, but to rescue people; checking every car is ridiculous and unrealistic). And which do you think is a more likely outcome of op's good heart? A) him actually finding a baby to rescue? B) someone seeing some weirdo looking in every car in the lot, calling the police because they think he's looking for an easy target, and cops having to waste their time to check it out when they could be ACTUALLY helping someone as opposed to op who's trying to play hero? As the saying goes: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

No, you misinterpreted my comment. I should've added this: I completely agree. OP was stupid to think that they could peep into peoples cars in a parking lot and think that a.) a baby would be looking up at them with a "you're my hero" expression on their face, and b.) think that someone wouldn't interpret heir car sweep as a potential theft. The first part of my comment was just a jab at your 'They are called "prefessionals".' statement. Nothing serious about it. My mistake for not making my self clear.

I agree with evilplatypus. I know if I saw some random person snooping around my car, I'd be really pissed. There is such a thing as privacy. Of course, I hate kids so I wouldn't have one in the first place to worry about leaving in a car.

Finally I was waiting for someone with a good head screwed onto their shoulders to comment.

Well it probably looked pretty bad...can't blame him for not knowing you were looking for overheated babies lol

BBoureaux 8

I don't know why you're getting thumbed down, I actually agree... if someone was walking around a parking lot looking into all the cars, I would think they were trying to find a car with some good stuff to steal. Although, I wouldn't have hit the OP.. just watched him closely.

reddudeover 2

10 - That explanation makes it like 10x worse. Guy - Hey what are you doing?! Op - I'm only looking for hot babies I swear!