By mother to an ugly doll - 04/09/2013 18:10 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, my car window got smashed, because someone somehow confused the doll my daughter always leaves strapped into a carseat for an actual kid. It's a cabbage patch kid. FML
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From a distance it might be easy to confuse a doll for a child. But once they got up close I'd think they could distinguish.


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It was a doll for ****'s sake Edit: #3 basically got my point across before I did.

Actually reading the FML before you comment is usually a good idea.

I would have preferred that they did call the cops. Then they would've had to explain their idiotic actions and had a police report for the insurance company.

what I ment is don't leave a toy child sized in a carseat if its hot because people can make this mistake. I understand its a toy not a child.

Before going all Hulk and smashing other people's windows, one should think to further investigate. Such as peering into the window and/ or tapping on it to see if it's an actual human being. Common sense should eventually kick in and you would realize it's just a doll.

Dolls really look nothing like actual children. Obviously you don't have children of your own......or a brain.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Especially a cabbage patch kid. They look like freaky little gnome children. Their beady little eyes, red curly hair, demon like smile. They're more like the spawn of the underworld than a children's toy..

I believe that the person, who called the cops, thought they were doing the right thing. However, that person jumped the gun instead of investigating 5 more seconds. The right thing to do was have the same person, who called the cops, call the cops back immediately (or admit to mistaking the doll for a baby while still on the phone); therefore, OP wouldn't have her car window broken. Also, why didn't the cops (on scene) take a good look before just smashing OP's window? Some people get overwhelmed and all common sense goes out the window. OP, I say sue the cops and/or the person who called the cops for negligence.

pretty sure by it she ment the doll and therefore read the fml which makes your comments more stupid =D

reading the buried comment confirms my suspicion *yaaay intuition!*

@84 because the FML never said that the cops were called, so a random civilian most likely did the window smashing.

in #1's defense, I would freak out if a baby sized doll was in a hot car, unmoving.

^My bad. Surgery, intense meds, and FML comments will not be mixed any longer. Thanks for pointing out that I assumed cops were contacted. *Knocking myself on the forehead...

Hey AKgirl, for me the intense meds have been the high point of my recent multiple surgeries.

They should of noticed a smiling creepy looking doll instead of a crying hot kid. I guess they couldn't tell the difference.

This entire comment stream turned into a game of telephone.

99, you don't want these meds LOL. Some make the walls and ceilings spin as well as make you hear a voice or song that isn't being said or played. Your mind plays some serious tricks on you.

32 i only liked your comment because you said "before going all hulk and smash windows"

i'm pretty sure you just described a ginger...

k_lylepad 19

Those damn Cabbage Patch dolls do look freakishly human.

thanks, #42. I displayed this comment after it being buried and actually got a chuckle out of it. nobody gets sarcasm.

56, sarcasm in some text is as hard to figure out as seriousness when it comes to putting a smart phone in a microwave. At times it really comes down to the reader, not the comment.

Lmao, get off this site fast if you couldn't see the sarcasm in this persons comment, you take things far to seriously.

@109 That's a bit hypocritical don't you think?

jw90 18

From a distance it might be easy to confuse a doll for a child. But once they got up close I'd think they could distinguish.

"Holy crap! That baby isn't even blinking! Probably because it is shocked that its parent would do such a thing like leave it in the car on a hot day!"

Spider_Web 11

Yeah you'd think they'd realize it before smashing a window. My theory is that they broke in to steal something and justified it with "trying to save a child."

They were too busy smashing the window to take a closer look. :)

yawateverok 10

My dad had someone come over to check up on things when this realistic looking doll was naked in the backseat of his car..

AnOriginalName 19

No #59, it was a fake doll. ... What the **** is a fake doll?

a fake doll is not a slightly amusing joke.

A "Real Doll" is a custom made doll that is created to look exactly like an infant, rather than kids dolls that have more cartoon-ish features. Look them up, they're actually very realistic looking. They're more for adults than children, by my understanding, so I couldn't see why a child would have one.

89 - A Realdoll is a sex doll... a very realistic one. Google it so you know what I'm talking about. :-)

tpm45 25

I understand the motive... But blind much? The least they could have done was stuck around to tell you. Should check nearby stores for video footage, OP.

I'm guessing they did stick around, otherwise how would op know why her window was smashed?

I can't tell if your being sarcastic. Glass shards would be very where and she would have no window...... It would be quite clear that you had a smashed window

Yeah, 68. You are clearly insulting 106's intelligence by posting an obvious comment directed at a specific individual who is not 106. Some people.

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I believe it was an innocent mistake but, if they had the nerve to look in your car, then they should atleast look closely to make sure it was real.

Well that sucks OP. If they saw the doll sitting in the seat, I'm pretty sure the doll would not move. Do you know the person who did it? If you do you should ask for an apologey but everyone does make mistakes.

Ask for an apology? If I was OP, they'd be paying for that window! And if their insurance covers it, well the idiot who smashed the window doesn't have to know that.

I would assume she knows who did it, otherwise she wouldn't have known if they did it to save the "baby", or if they were a possible thief breaking into her car.

Never know, she could have assume that since the doll was by that window the person who smashed it was trying to save "i"t. Unless the person called the cops broke the window realize that it was a doll then ran away and the cops came and told her what they got sent out their for

Have you ever called the cops? They ask for information before they come out to the scene.