By Anonymous - 15/12/2010 05:48 - United States

Today, I couldn't get into my car. In an attempt to get in, I broke a window. As I climbed in, the actual owner of the car walked up. Mine was across the street. FML
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Yes because breaking your own window definitely beats calling a locksmith or the police to jimmy the lock... I haven't used the word fucktard in years but you, OP, are the very definition...

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I believe you will find that this is an epic fail... what with the OP's car just being across the street and all. ;-)

Just give him an old fashioned and all will be forgiven

I am sure that is what all car thieves tell the cops

You don't recognize the license plate? OP was probably dropped when he was little.

yes. fail indeed. OP first off I'm going to assume you had a key because you didn't say you didn't. so if the key isn't working wouldn't you step back and think for a minute? and maybe glance inside your car? now even if this car was identical inside and out why would you decide to break your window? you realize you'd have to pay for it so unless there was an emergency I don't see why you would.

agree with #39 wudnt u c wats in the car b4 u try 2 break in??

why can't people type things like normal people, instead of cuz and b4 it's really annoying

wow if your key doesn't fit break the window??? wow....that's just amazing your key stopped working overnight

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is this one of those "keyless" systems where all that you get Is the remote fob and op thought the battery died?

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never assume. to assume is to make oneself a dumbass.

47 - Nice stock photo. Apparently you have neither beauty nor brawn!

I sure hope that OP was at least drunk when he done that

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whats wrong with all of you? including the next person who comments... did I win?

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Hey Pear, would you mind if i take a bite out of you??

Yes because breaking your own window definitely beats calling a locksmith or the police to jimmy the lock... I haven't used the word fucktard in years but you, OP, are the very definition...

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I break my car window so many times because i forgot my key. The reason why I do not call the police because I do not want the government to get involve with my business.

Did you use your tinfoil hat to break the window?

Some people just don't have the time to call a locksmith or the police, and probably 50% of the things locked in the car with the keys include the phone, as it would be with the keys? Well, that is how I organise my things.

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I'm goin' 'round the neighbour hood trying to open doors and if I can't open them I'll throw logs at the window.. Cuz OP is smartecated!

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Exactly. What part of "the key doesn't fit" would not immediately tell you that this might not be your car?

you always check if the shit inside your car is yours.

Don't people just look at the license plate anymore!

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OP = Orgasmic Penetration. I'd tell you to ask your mom to explain it further, but that last donkey punch I gave her really scrambled her brain.

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noob. OP stands for Orgasmic Penis

original poster; orange pussy; origami penis; oily prick... take your pick

Failing that there is still the licence plate -.- btw jewban nice username , shalom .

****... didn't you notice that it wasn't your car? Fail.

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Sometimes when you are drunk it is hard to tell the difference between things.

If that was the case, he'd deserve it even more.

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i call bulllshit on this one, no ones that freaken stupid

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you can easily mistake your car for another one, so long as it's the same type, and the same color. this is why you need to look at the license plate

There are also this thing called keys, they unlock the lock they are made for. Logic would prove that if they don't work on the one you are trying to use it on, it ain't yours. OP=dumb ass

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Or you're drunk, or possibly that the lock is frozen. Breaking the window is a dumbass move for any reason though, them things aren't cheap to replace.

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shut up # 4 obviously it was a mistake and the car was the same make and model as the other car so I doubt it was his fault so I think the only f#%*tard here is u FYL #4

4 makes a valid point 20-30 bucks to get a locksmith or replace a window. I'd think most people with half a brain would go for the locksmith.

Did you break a window to do it? I've walked up to the wrong car in a lot but am usually tipped off by the interior being different or the key not working.

And the likely hood of the car being the exact same color, clean or dirty? This person is truly a fucktard

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shut the **** up,#9. you are as stupid as the OP.

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whatever you was smoking last night put it in the toilet and flush u need on more

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Ugh I've heard FMLs exactly like this sssoo many times.

Wow, your life is so hard. Should we get you a consolation prize? Or maybe a tampon?